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  1. Class is treating people with the dignity their humanity deserves. It is not in treating them as objects of production.
  2. Class has nothing to do with your social status in life. It has everything to do with your behavior.
  3. Class does not use foul language, even when irritated. Class does mean having a large enough vocabulary that makes four-letter words unnecessary.
  4. Class does not have to be the center of attention. It can allow others to bask in glory without feeling slighted.
  5. Class does not tell off-color or racially demeaning jokes.
  6. Class separates any sexual desires from the workplace, and would never make a remark to a person of the opposite sex that wouldn't be said in front of one's mother, if she were standing alongside.
  7. Class does not say anything derogatory about the organization, no matter how justified you may feel it is, at a moment of disappointment.
  8. Class does not allow the unsatisfactory actions or negative words of others to drag one down into that ugly arena.
  9. Class does not loose its cool. It never burns bridges.
  10. Class does not rationalize mistakes. It learns from them and moves on.
  11. Class in a manager emphasizes WE and downplays I.
  12. Class is good manners.
  13. Class means respect for oneself as a foundation for respecting others.
  14. Class never makes a demeaning remark about one's spouse. Such remarks say more about the speaker than the spouse.
  15. Class in a manager means loyalty to one's staff.
  16. Class means not believing one is superior to one's employees; each simply has different responsibilities.
  17. Class does not take action when angry. It waits until cool reason has returned. Class is not impetuous.
  18. Class recognizes that the best way to build oneself is to first build others. Class does not become overly concerned about receiving credit. Class also recognizes that sometimes one receives more credit than one deserves. It helps balance out those times when there are no accolades.
  19. Class works hard at making action consistent with words.
  20. Class doesn't build oneself up by tearing others down.
  21. Class leads by example.
  22. Class knows the importance and value of a warm smile.
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