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The following sites are my own personal surfing haunts, and a good place to go for more information (in order of preference, but they’re all my favourites!)

Excellent website by Steve Ellison, UK archer and coach. Lots of useful info on equipment, technique, training and psychology

Excellent site – home of the Texas State Archery Association. Packed full of useful information.

What this guy (Joe Tapley) doesn’t know about the physics of archery isn’t worth knowing!

UK archery supply company. Prompt, reliable, low cost.

UK archery supply company. Full catalogue on-line, technical articles and more!

The superb US archery magazine. Lots of really good articles from many of the most knowledgeable people in archery, including Rick McKinney?, Don Rabska and George Tekmitchov. Some of the articles are available free on-line for a short period of time.

Home of UK archery magazine… second only to archery focus!

Centenary archers – an Australian club with great pages on tuning, form, equipment and so on. Most of the figures in this document were “borrowed” from this site.

The Scottish archery association website.

Homepage of the UK’s Grand National Archery Society. All the information on rounds, records, events, news and more.

A UK based archery retailer. Sells most things at good prices. Accepts Euros, UK Pounds and US Dollars.

Homepage of the American National Archery Association.

Cambridge University archery club. Lots of interesting information.

• Usenet news groups:


Home of some of the best (and worst!) advice around… the world of archery, in one place. Search for particular topics using

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