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 20.97 3 by 25 ft plastic fence
 5.18 2 sacks of concrete
 95.99 the solarium poultry hutch (was 399.99)
      water additive
      heat lamp
      lamp holder
      water bottle
      food server
      Huge tote
 7.99 gray paint
 2.99 5 gal bucket
 7.99 bucket lid
 5.99 chicken nipples
 8.99 insecticide
 5.99 smaller grit

 Mia, Sheila, Dot, and Dash: Buff Orpington, Australorp, and two Rocks

 2-22 ordered from
 2-27   Week 0. Monday. born and shipped (I say born Sunday)
 3-1-17 Wednesday. Post Office opens. Brought chicks home. Yay it's March!
   (one week from the date I ordered)
 3-2-17 12:00. And the pooping begins
 3-3-17 48 hours... all survived shipping and our care.
 3-6-17 One week old. They are all doing well and seem to be a bit taller.
        No pastey butts at the moment.
 3-6  Week 2 The big tote seems to be smaller. Have to change their water every other day because
        they like to fling pine chips. 
 3-9  Assembled the hen house and run
 3-10 We bot smaller grit rather than crushing before we serve it to them.
 3-13 Week 3
  Huge growth spurt. Bigger every 12 hours.
  3-15 the Plymoth Rock's both have white feather tips coming in (since the last 12 hours)
           They are all bigger in 12 hours All have had little combs for a few days.
           Crazy about quick and especially steel cut oats. Don't care for raisins.          
  3-19 They all stand up when being held; they no longer rest in my cupped hands.
       I switched them from the 250 W heat lamp to a 60 W incandescent. 
        Sometimes they seem a bit chilly, but they are fine.
       I raised the water bowl. Had to. They keep throwing pine shavings into it. 
        Food bowl was hoisted a week ago.
        Grit is in a pickle jar lid and must be cleaned every few hours.
        They don't care for bananas.
 3-20 Week 4
 3-27 Week 5
 3-31 I turned off the white light
 4-3 Somebody squawked like a chicken this am. Mostly still peeps.
 4-4-17 Mia got past the plastic fence lid and got out of the box.
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