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$13/Carton Cigs

Pipe Tobacco:

 Velvet6 @ $12.95
 14 oz tin @ $20.00
 tin? $16.99

Pipe Puffer: Bargain Blend, Whisky. Yum!

 Finsbury Black Cav $10


  • Garcia Y Vega Gallantes 50 $28.99
  • Garcia Vega Gallante Box of 50 Price: $30.99

Havana Honey: Small, sweet but not overly. Becca likes it, me too.

Becca had a moontrance by cao. Swet on the lips, mild vanilla flavor. Smooth and good!

We had a tiny rum and Cola by JT. Wonderful! actually tastes like u expect.

I had a Antonio Y Cleopatra. The wrapper leaf unwrapped and the cigar began to leak. Once it burned down, it still didn't taste good. Prefer the Garcia Y Vega mini's.

I had another Alcazar 3 Maduro. YUM! My fav.

I had a Don Jose Honduras. Handmade. Not good enough... not much smoke, didn't burn evenly, flaked wrapper all over my lap.

I had a: Alcazar 3 Maduro: handmade in Nicaragua 6 * 50. The Alcazar is mild to medium bodied with flavor nuances of earth and wood, similar to many Nicaraguan cigars. Yum!

Becca had a: Quorum cigars are handmade with mixed filler in Esteli, Nicaragua. Nicaraguan wrapper, binder, and filler. Medium-to-full-bodied taste in value priced bundles. Becca likes it.

Becca had a El Rico Habano. A little longer than 6 inches about 50 ring. "From the makers of La Gloria Cubana. In cedar boxes without cellophane. A rich, heady smoke that hits on all cylinders! If you're a full-flavor kind of smoker, this cigar will not disappoint you." "A Rich Tasting All-Honduran Medium Bodied Cigar In Natural -&- Maduro Wrappers! " Slight mint/menthol flavor, seemed mild, especially compared to the Don Jose. Would definitely have one again sometime.

I had a Don Jose from Honduras. "Don Jose cigars are the finest imported handmade cigar value on the market today. Each cigar is completely made by hand in Honduras with 100% long filler and blended with superb cuban-seed and honduran tobacco." "Blended with superb Cuban-Seed Honduran Tobacco, Don Jose bundles offer an outstanding value on quality handmade cigars. 100% long filler, available in both maduro and natural wrappers. Pipes and cigars" 6 inches long therefore it was a 50 ring. Wow was it strong! I have one heck of a buzz rite now... feeling a little sick. Nice taste tho; would definitely have 1/2 of one again sometime.

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