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I like you Huntsman; You remind me of when I was young and stupid. - Remmegar, Dragon Storm
The sun is out because good things are happening. the messiah Obama 5-19-09 Everything is possible when we all work together. Obama 5-19-09


We must remain focused on the fact that the overall success or failure of our organization depends upon our ability to outperform our competitors

The only sustainable advantage is learning faster than the competition.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke

What if the Hokey-Pokey really is what its all about?

I know how you like to avoid avoiding confrontation. - Dr. Foreman - House

I have long been of the opinion that if work were such a splendid thing the rich would have kept more of it for themselves. - Bruce Grocott

How's this gonna work if you don't do what I say? - Open Range

I'm in information retrieval, not information dispersal. - Brazil

Try something new today - you just may surprise yourself. Heck, try it naked and you'll surprise everyone! - Maxine

Never use a big word when a diminutive one will do

Why does "iambic" have to have three syllables?

Why does the word "pentameter" have only four syllables?

Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live. - Oscar Wilde

If we become target it is easy to be shot. If you become no target, then you are best survivor and the most powerful person on earth. Form and formless. If have form you are easy to aim at, if you are formless there is nothing to be shot at. - Master Chen

In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don't try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present. - Tao Te Ching

Criminals thrive on the indulgence of societies understanding. - Batman Begins
What chance does Gotham have when good people do nothing? - Batman Begins - Rachel
It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it. - Upton Sinclair

We hereby declare that this murderer, this demon in our midst, has incurred the sentence of excommunication. Not only has this depraved monster robbed us of our daughters, the young and fair blossom of this city, and by his wanton acts has brought our trade, our livelihood, our very existence, to the brink of eternal darkness. We therefore declare this vile viper, this ignominious carbuncle, this execrable evil in our midst, shall henceforth be solemnly banned from our holy presence, rejected from the communion of Holy Mother Church, as a disciple of Satan, a slayer of souls, an infected limb, an outsider of the faith, a diabolist, a sorcerer, and a damned heretic. May the devil make soup of his bones.-- Perfume, a story of a murderer.

"Dear Suzanne, thank you for understanding the way I choose to live. Yes, I could keep my house picture perfect and miss all that I love; frog catching with my two-and-a-half year old granddaughter, laying on our backs making pictures of the clouds, holding her little brother and inhaling his sweet babiness. There are always our shared books, she snuggles into my lap as I read to her using all my character voices, melting when she giggles and reaches around my neck saying you're funny Grammie. My paternal grandmother barely spoke English. Our conversations were difficult, but whenever I think of her I remember her wonderful smelling kitchen, the dusting of flour as she taught me how to make homemade noodles and how to earn the trust of a homeless cat. Was her house neat and picked up? I don't know and further more, I don't care. I can only hope that my grandchildren remember me half as fondly as I remember mine. I need to go and make a mess."--Catherine Lee

  1. Doing what you say you're going to do;
  2. Putting other people's needs first;
  3. Behaving courageously;
  4. Ensuring the common good above all; and
  5. Maintaining your focus on respect, honesty, trust, and fairness.

-- Behavioral scientists say there are five forms of perceived risk:

  1. "Monetary risk." There's a chance I could lose my money on this.
  2. "Functional risk." Maybe it won't work, or do what it's supposed

to do.

  1. "Physical risk." It looks a little dangerous. I could get hurt.
  2. "Social risk." I wonder what my friends will think if I buy this?
  3. "Psychological risk." I might feel guilty or irresponsible if I

buy this. TROUT ON STRATEGY by Jack Trout

Marketing 101 class in college has heard about the "Four Ps" of Marketing "product, price, placement (distribution)," and "promotion." SELL THE BRAND FIRST by Dan Stiff

No, the best managers move their teams and companies from ordinary to extraordinary by something as simple as:

  • "Setting" a guiding vision "Set" guiding core values for their team or company--values that they believe will bring greater productivity, profitability, and market share.
  • Actively "seeing" employee achievements that move your organ-ization toward its goals. "See" employee behaviors that support the core values and create value.
  • "Celebrating" those achievements. "Celebrate" those behaviors in a public manner through recognition -- communicating what activities are most important to their organization and encouraging their repetition.

And when a leader does these things, he or she is destined to succeed.

It is vital to remember that we always have a choice in how we think, feel, and act. Depending on our mental state, the world looks very different. Learning not to be taken hostage by ourselves or others enables us to manage our lives without necessarily changing external circumstances. If we only look externally for satisfaction, we will find only fleeting gratification. To truly change our lives, we have to look inside ourselves. When we make a choice to cooperate, to collaborate, or even to give in, we are not being a hostage. When we are aware that we have a choice in any given situation, it enables us to feel more positive about the circumstances.

Organizations exist to provide goods and services that people want.

1. How did you get your start in the widget business?

2. What do you enjoy most about your profession?

3. What separates you and your company from the competition?

4. What advice would you give someone just starting in the widget business?

5. What one thing would you do with your business if you knew you could not fail?

6. What significant changes have you seen take place in your profession through the years?

7. What do you see as the coming trends in the widget business?

8. Describe the strangest or funniest incident you've experienced in your business.

9. What ways have you found to be the most effective for promoting your business?

10. What one sentence would you like people to use in describing the way you do business?

Man, when perfected, is the best of all animals, but, when separated from law and justice, he is the worst of all —Aristotle

man cannot try to discover either what he knows or what he does not know? He would not seek what he knows, for since he knows it there is no need of the inquiry, nor what he does not know, for in that case he does not even know what he is to look for.

Plato’s love does not exclude physical beauty, but “Platonic love” begins at a higher stage of development, namely, with the sharing of beautiful thoughts with a beautiful person.

We have seen that writing is a way to know, clarify, and enrich our thinking. - Critical Thinking, 2eChapter 1: What Is Thinking? Author : Garry R. Kirby, Jeffery R. Goodpaster

I hope to retire as soon and as happily as possible. To do that, I hope to have:

 a large reserve of money
 a strong relationship with my wife and family
 a list of acomplishments that I can be proud of
 a short list of things I am not proud of
 good health
 a few good friends
 a few excelent posessions

Heiskell admitted. "If we had thought about how impossible it would be, we would never have started it. If I had finished Harvard Business School, I might have known enough never to start HBO at all."

listening is mostly a good thing, but it's better at assessing the present than foreseeing the future....Take the time to watch people or anticipate their needs, and I daresay they are less likely to get stuck. --THE TEN FACES OF INNOVATION by Tom Kelley

"Three steps to establish where you are--and where you need to be:" 1. Assess your situation. Is your assignment a piece of cake or heavy sledding? 2. List your resources. People, money, time, connections. 3. List your liabilities. What stands in the way of your project's success?--THE ACCIDENTAL LEADER by Harvey Robbins and Michael Finley

Guns do not make you a killer. I think killing makes you a killer. You can kill someone with a baseball bat or a car, but no one is trying to ban you from driving to the ball game.--AndyRooney

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, “How good . . . bad music and bad reasons sound when we march against the enemy.”

Somehow, having real data about a problem that everyone already knew existed gave them greater cause for concern.

Chairman and CEO Bill Swanson left the more than 350 participants with this challenge: “Together, let's continue the journey on Raytheon's path to greatness.”


The value to the customer is in the effects, not the technology. IBM

Do employees come to work with lumps in their throats or songs in their hearts? This is a direct indicator of their performance, which in turn has a direct impact on productivity. We must outlaw the negative state and practice daily acts of abundance — and lead by example.--Tim Sanders, former chief solutions officer at Yahoo!

Workers who share their employer's goals don't need much supervision. GE “Early is on time, and on time is late.” Bill Swanson

Many of GE's best managers devoted far more energy to internal matters than to their customers' needs. As GEers? sometimes expressed it, theirs was a company that operated "with its face to the CEO and its ass to the customer."--Noel M. Tichy and Stratford Sherman

It is my believe, that most of the succesful people in the world have one thing in common; they dare to take big risks. This personality trade is also shared with most of the "losers" in the world.

The best students think they have to do it all themselves. This isn't their fault. The educational system teaches kids they have to be good at "everything," or else. -- COPY THIS! Paul Orfalea and Ann Marsh

Doing life alone is not second best, it's impossible. We need other people. We need to know how to talk with them, argue with them, build with them, and introduce ourselves to them. We need a push. -- COPY THIS! Paul Orfalea and Ann Marsh

They get to see someone navigate rejection and survive it. They get to see someone asking for something he wants or needs from another person. Sometimes that's all we need to learn to do in life. - COPY THIS! Paul Orfalea and Ann Marsh

A company's most important asset is the value of its customer base....which means someone, somewhere in your company, has to be in charge of the customer's relationship. - RETURN ON CUSTOMER by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers

Satisfaction is good. Pride is better.

A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you.

None are so busy as the fool and knave.

  - John Dryden

The best people in any endeavor are distinguished in an important way. They have exceptional mastery of the fundamentals. WHY JOHNNY CAN'T BRAND by Bill Schley and Carl Nichols, Jr.

Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice; 72 Take each man’s censure, 10 but reserve thy judgement. POLONIUS (Hamlet)

 1. "Follow Your Passion"
 2. "Have a Clear Idea about What You Want to Do"
 3. "Find a Niche" some niches are too small for big corporations to pursue, but these
 same niches provide excellent opportunities for a small businessperson. THE PAMPERED
 CHEF by Doris Christopher

The universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest.- Kilgore Trout

... employees who have well-honed interpersonal abilities, are literate and numerate, can communicate effectively through multiple channels, and possess analytic capabilities and emotional intelligence.

"E" employees:

  • Take risks
  • Make suggestions
  • Support others
  • Smile a lot
  • Motivate their coworkers
  • Enjoy work
  • Attract trust
  • Like customers
  • Define service as whatever the customer needs (whether it's an external customer buying the product or an internal customer who needs assistance with a project)- LIGHT THEIR FIRE by S. Drake, M.Gulman, and S. Roberts

Change, danger, and complexity do not function alone. They are deeply intermeshed, interactive, and transforming.

If you ask a large enough group of diverse, independent people to make a prediction or estimate a probability, and then average those estimates, the errors each of them makes in coming up with an answer will cancel themselves out. - James Surowiecki

Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to be always part of unanimity. - Christopher Morley

Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something. - Robert Heinlein

What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure. - Samuel Johnson

 - If you can not measure it, if you can not express it in quantative terms, 
   then your knowlege is of a meager and insignificant kind. - Lord Kelvin
 - I laugh when I see you frantically spending your money on expensive
   advertising to get me back, when you could have kept me with a few
   kind words, a smile, and some good service.
 - Any time noted investor Warren Buffett talks about the key traits to 
   seek in a new hire, he names integrity, intelligence and energy. "But 
   he says if you can't find someone with integrity, the other two 
   don't really matter," 
 - You live in a fantastic time of unlimited opportunity.
 - "Opportunity comes often." Kemmons Wilson
 - you don't always get what you ask for but it is good you asked
 - If at first you don't succeed .............  get new batteries.
 - Never underestimate the power of ... termites.
 - Take ownership of the New Cheese vision. Do what has to be done.
 - Results! Why, man, I have gotton a lot of results. I know 
    several thousand things that won't work. --Thomas Edison.

 Sometimes during visualization, negative thoughts would enter Grete Waitz's 
 mind. But she learned to push the negativity away, instead focusing on her 
 strong desire to do well.
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