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When we moved in, the garden space was covered in weeds as tall as I am.

 - I mowed and mulched
 - buried 2 coons and a possom
 - partially covered it with a tarp for a while
 - sent a soil sample to the lab (refer by Purdue extension in the county building, Martinsville)
 - removed tarp, totally covered it (heavily) with fall leaves in November
 - Lab told me to add 21-0-0 Ammonium Sulfate .9 lb per 100 sq ft
 - Lab told me to add 18-24-6 Lawn Starter   1.2 lb per 100 sq ft
 - Paul told me to add some sand


 - Mulched the leaves
 - added 135 lbs (2.75 bags) of sand (about $5)   22.5 lb per 100 sq ft.
 - Added 16 lbs of Sulfur Plant Fungicide (A little over $30 worth) try Aluminum Sulfate next time  2.67 lb per 100 sq ft omg too much!
 Tired now

Here are 12 easy to grow vegetables:

    Bush beans (also called green beans or string beans)
    Romaine lettuce
    Snap peas
    Bell peppers
    Butternut squash

 Mid-spring: plant beets, lettuce, snap peas, broccoli, radishes, spinach and carrots
 Late-spring: plant tomatoes, peppers, butternut squash, zucchini, cucumbers, beans
 Midsummer: plant kale, arugula
 Late summer: plant lettuce, turnips, carrots, mixed cover crop of bush beans, peas
 Late fall: plant garlic
VegEarly PlantLate PlantHarvest
garlicMar 15-Apr 15-
asparagasMar 20-Apr 15-
potatoMar 20-May 10May 1-June 15Plant dies back
RadishMar 20-May 10July 1-Sept 122 to 30 days
TurnipMar 20-May 1June 1-Aug 160 days
beetsApr 1-June 15June 1-July 10shoulders appear
hot & green peppersMay 15-June 10 (plants not seeds)June 1-July 175 to 90 days
pumpkinMay 1-May 30-100 days
summer & winter squashMay 1-May 30June 1-July 16-8 inches-4 days after flower-bigger is better dehydrated
TomatosMay 10 thru Jun 15June 1-June 20
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