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 goro gog sounds like: goro goy

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 Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
 tuneing fork
 thai massage

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 "We know when we are imbalanced - we can feel that!"
 Thai Massage
 Laughter Therapy
 Other modalities
 children and pets?
 awaken inner power
 different tools and techniques crafted for your body and energy
 ignite inner zest (how did it go away--what are the indications?)
 physical, emotional, and spiritual
 office hours
 office facilities
 map to office



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 Thai Massage

Energy Within Us

We can be found at: 2935 E. 96th Street Ste 204 • Indianapolis, IN 46240 Contact us: 317-580-0088, Sessions by appointment only.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Most of us react to challenging situation in our lives with anger, insecurity, or fear never realizing that we see things not as THEY are but as WE are.

Life is Energy. We are Energy.

The more freely Energy flows within us, the stronger our state of health and well- being.

Our outward lives reflect imbalance in our inner lives. We cannot balance our lives until we balance ourselves.

We know when we are imbalanced - we can feel that!

Here in Indianapolis at Energy Within Us we help healthy people to stay healthy

We balance people’s bio energy using Thai Bodywork (Thai Massage), Reiki , Tuning Forks, Laughter Therapies and other modalities.

Before you medicate yourself, your children and your pets learn how to awake your inner power.

We will be checking your chakras, open and balance those of them that are not functioning efficiently using different tools and techniques that will be uniquely crafted for your body, your energy.

Re-ignite your inner zest for life with a Thai Yoga Bodywork, Reiki and Tuning forks.

These powerful treatments can inject energy into your system and balance all three level of human (your) existence: physical, emotional and spiritual.

-- --- -- -- -- -- -- --

We can be found at: 2935 E. 96th Street Ste 204 • Indianapolis, IN 46240 Contact us: 317-580-0088 Sessions by appointment only.

Each tuning fork is individually stamped with the musical scale note and the frequency in Hz at the base of each fork.

Frequencies include(in Hertz):

    * 256 Hz- 7 1/4" long, handle is 1 3/4"
    * 288 Hz- 7" long, handle is 1 34/"
    * 320 Hz.- 6 3/4" long,handle 1 3/4"
    * 341.3 Hz.- 6 1/2" long, handle is 1 3/4"
    * 384 Hz. - 6 1/3" long, handle is 1 3/4"
    * 426.6 Hz.- 6" long, handle is 1 3/4"
    * 480 Hz.- 5 3/4" long, handle is 1 3/4"
    * 512 Hz.- 5 1/2" long, handle is 1 3/4"

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