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BackPackContents ~ 24 hr kit

Permithrin, or Duranon, or Permanone...A hunters best friend. Never leave home without em. You ever use lye soap? I swear by it. Outside year round and usually just have crawlers not many bites.

Small hammock: 90" by 34"

AT Maps ~ SRIMag ~ Dual Survival ~ SurvivalAdventureNetwork ~ Surplus Gear ~ Bushcraft Library

Adventure Hiking Trail Guide ! Tecumseh Trail

Hammoc knot & winterizing ~ Hammoc Knots ~ Hammoc & Tarp ~ more good knots ~ Storing rope & Hammock sling knot ~ Make a Hammock

 Wool Blanket ~ 60*90 ~ 65*95 ~ $20 45*72 too small in both directions

The Penny Stove ~ Another one

$2.00 stove ~ with dimensions ~ Wood Gas Stove ~ Easier wood gas stove

 Candle Stove

Knife Making ~ Archery

Useful Plants: Cattails ~ mullen

Energy Bars ~ Wool Hunting shirt pt 1

herbs ~ oils ~ ACV, witch Hazel & Eucalyptus ~ First Aid

Rubbing Alcohol: I found out many years ago, when I was a young teenager, that just splashing plain rubbing alcohol on me and allowing it to dry would deter mosquitoes from biting me. I am allergic to mosquito bites and develop huge welts everywhere they bite me. With the alcohol, they never bit me. And once it dries, it leaves a pleasant odor on the skin, not repugnant at all. Thought this might help. And it only costs less than $1 a bottle!

Vaporub: This is going to floor you, but one of the best insect repellents I have found and I am in the woods every day, is Vick's Vaporub. I rub it on my pants and legs to ward off ticks. If you can tolerate the smell it's pretty good. Barbara

Bug lotion: Three ounces pine tar, two ounces castor oil, one [Pg 16] ounce pennyroyal oil. Simmer all together over a slow fire, and bottle for use. Rub it in thoroughly and liberally at first, and after you have established a good glaze, a little replenishing from day to day will be sufficient.

TMEN Mosquito repellent

Paracord Bracelets

10 c's

 1 cutting
 2 combustion
 3 cover & shelter
 4 container
 5 cordage
 6 candle light
 7 cotton bandana
 8 compass & nav
 9 cargo tape
 10 canvas needle

BackPackContents and Hiking bag



Old list:

 Neck Knife
 Long knife w/ Magnesium
 Leather Gloves
 Band Aids (in shovel pouch)
 Bug Spray
 Food Book
 Tree Book
 Space Blanket
 Orange bag
 Shoe Laces
 Wire Saw

Spray Oil Stove

 1 oz alcohol (6 teaspoons - use much less)
 2 cup water
 1:23 light
 1:23 most of the jets
 1:24 pot on
 1:31 flames barely escape
 1:34 boiling
 1:44 done

2 cups (16 oz) of water boiling in 10 minutes

Altoids Stove, 1 * 7/8 lid hole

 3.5 cup water
 2 oz alcohol
 11:59 lighted
 12:12 flames escape the pot
 12:20 few small bubbles
 12:25 flames not useful
 12:28 fire out

Result: 1/2 hr burn, good steam but no boil

Water bottle stove

 3.5 cup water
 2 oz alcohol
 1:26 lighted
 1:27 jets lite
 1:28 Put water on
 1:35 good steam
 1:37 flames escape
 1:40 boil
 1:41 flame out

Result: 15 min burn, just boiled

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