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From: "Suntop Wizard"

Just a little info regarding different IRC networks:

There are 4 majore IRC networks (called the big four) those are: IRCNet?, EFNet?, DalNet? and UnderNet?..

UnderNet? Official site: When it comes to UnderNet?, that is as the name suggest, very much undergrown.. I have been to UnderNet? maybe 5 or 6 times in the 13 years I've been on IRC. And each time I get the feeling there are ONLY weirdos and psychos there.. UnderNet? has also services where you can register your channel, tho I dont really like them..

IRCNet?'s (Selfclaimed) Official Site: IRCNet? info site:

Though EFNet? claims to be the original and first IRC Networks, that is only half true.. IRCNet? and EFNet? was the first network, and was called EuroNet?, before they splitted into two different networks in the fall 1994, because of admin disagreement when it came to network side persisted on freedom of choice, while the other disagreed..

IRCNet? has mostly Europeans, but also occationally Americans, Australians and Asians.. I know alot of people on IRCNet?, and as long as I have been there, there has been very few weirdos, but they of course do occur even there.. (Mostly its just weird and annoying people who repeat them self too many times or speak in an language you dont understand, and refuses to do otherwise) The IRCNet? policy is freedom of speach, which means you can not register channels or nick. So when you join a new empty channel (where no one is), then you are the founder. If you leave it, the channel will be empty. IRC Operators/Admins on IRCNet? will not for any reason deal with channel management. If you give ops to someone, that someone will have the same rights are you, etc.. IRCNet? has NO services whatsoever, except for 2:

ALIS, (Advanced Listing Service) a channel listing service: You can find channels matching chan name, topic and amount of users. (Usage: /squery alis help, and /squery alis help examples) NoteServ?: With NoteServ?, you can send notes to users who isnt online :o) (See: (Usage: /squery NoteServ? help)

EFNet?'s Official Site: Info site: EFNet? is very much like IRCNet?, except for their policy.. They might help dealing with takeovers (if someone steals a channel, they are called takevers), and will kill abusers such as spammers, flooders etc. As far as i know, they dont have any services either..

DalNet?'s Official Site: DalNet? is somewhere in between EFNet? and UnderNet?, and has also services..

Then of course there are thousands of smaller networks, with their own policy. Some has all kinds of services, while others has non, and some even have a completely rewritten code for their servers.. Some scan for open proxies when users connect, and others even scan for virus infected clients.. Some networks are specially dedicated for special things.. Examples: freenode is dedicated to open source software and their users MindForge? is dedicated to p2p software.. BlackHawk? is dedicated to only IRCOpers?/Admins as a test network.. (Also called opers playground)

So, the differences, and the policies, is as many as there are networks...thousands.. If you want to connect to IRC, the advice is to go to the IRC network in question's, own homepage, and read a little about their policy, rules and how to act when you first get there :o)

Links to more info about different networks: (click on networks)

Happy IRC'ing if you decide to try out IRC :o)

From: "Suntop Wizard"

Ok...just to enlighten you all.. :o) This is totally wrong.. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and are using the IRC protocoll, (which is a modifyed telnet protocoll) IRC was made by a finnish guy named Jarkko Oikarinen in 1988 with the purpose of talking crosswise from universities, first in Finland, then worldwide..

IRC has NEVER EVER been anything other than FREE.. Just as the world wide web is free, as well as ftp or any other protocoll.

However, clients, which is the software you use to connect to the IRC server on any network might take payments for their programs. But there are alot of free clients out there...I have allready provided the link with alot of different kind of clients for alot of different kind of operative systems Here it is again:

As well, also stated in my first message, there are other ways to connect to IRCNet? something called Webchat, where you use your web browser to connect..

Where you got this stupid idea about IRC being payable, I really have no idea but please get the facts rigth before telling lies all over the internet!

mIRC is shareware, and they require a one time only payment, but mIRC is NOT IRC, and never was, and never will be..

That's the same as saying the world wide web IS Netscape!

There are at least over 50 different clients you can use, and most of them are very much free. You just need to find the client you like best.

If you read my first message again you might realize that mIRC was not the only software I provided links to, and webchat is not only free and possible to use, but other clients are free and also possible to use, and very much free..

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