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I define myself by who I am, not by what I have.

That said, one goal is to retire as soon and as happily as possible

To be a success in this, I hope to have:

  1. A Large reserve of expendable income
  2. A strong relationship with my wife and family
  3. A few good friends
  4. A list of accomplishments that I can be proud of
  5. A short list of accomplishments that I am not proud of
  6. A few excellent possessions
  7. Good health

My mission is to live my best life according to my highest values and standards. I strive daily to live a life of greater purpose, while developing my highest potential and God-given gifts. I make my emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being my top priority so that I may serve others and give of myself more generously. I compromise up when faced with life choices, big and small. I ask for what I deserve. I take a stand, and I expect more when I know that is what I deserve. I choose to live an abundant, happy, and authentic life and to pass this philosophy on to my children.

I define myself by who I am, not by what I have.

Life is composed of four elements: Heaven Man, Earth, and Spirit. This helps to focus in on who I really am: I am a full-gospel Christian, an I-Kuan Tao initiate, husband and father, who actively practices Qi Gung and Taiji Quan.

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