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I had fun playing with your Pet. Thanks! Do you intend to continue playing?


 Value: $215,315,260 S Cash: $105,947,277 S Assets: $584,887,390 S 


 Value: $177,946,496 S Cash: $29,841,429 S Assets: $206,638,593 S 

Mad Dog

 Value: $29,095,674 S Cash: $6,118,499 S Assets: $61,174,542 S 


 Value: $18,066,124 S Cash: $8,049,317 S Assets: $18,835,942 S 

Anuska R C

 Value: $51,544,761 S Cash: $20,078,270 S Assets: $200,888,594 S 

Dulce A

 Value: $68,606,077 S Cash: $5,810,674 S Assets: $87,298,900 S 

Ronalyn S

 Value: $56,699,237 S Cash: $41,410,172 S Assets: $97,093,900 S 

Mike W

 Value: $29,095,674 S Cash: $12,987,063 S Assets: $29,105,125 S 


 Value: $19,872,736 S Cash: $8,925,027 S Assets: $9,895,409 S 

World Wide Friends Home Page

 Value: $19,872,736 S Cash: $14,674,985 S Assets: $19,839,482 S 

5 Quickies (Step one)

 Click "Pets"
 Click "Browse Pets" Set it something like this.... 
 Gender: Female 
 Age: 18 to 50
 Countries All Location leave blank 
 Value 1 and - to 100 Q Then click search

Well.... you can tinker with those setting but women are faster then men, and this is intended to keep you active without taking much time

 Look for pictures of people not animals or flowers. 
 Remember, this is a dating site. No kids, no spouses, just hotties.
 However, if she is too HOT, you will have difficulty buying... move on.
 and of course, the more skin the better :-)


 look for 3 things:
 - Value less than Assets.
 - Last purchase within 30 minutes.
 - Pets 4 or more.
    buy once then find another
    Repeat 4 times.
 This keeps you active, gets you all the bonuses, quick sells, and no dead Pet clutter

 This should only take about 5 minutes a day but the payoff is HUGE!
 It keep you active which is critical, It teaches you to make a habit of looking at a few critical items before buying a Pet, and it profits you all the bonuses you can get each day
    More later.... have fun!

After the runup:

You will find that things slow down quite a bit from here. You somehow had HUGE assets. Now, you Value is greater than Assets so your Pet is less attractive to buyers.

You gain assets by playing the game. There are other ways as well.

The 6th buy (Step two)

"Investment" Pets are a much higher Value and earn more profits. Further, when you own a collection of Valuable, active Pets, your intrinsic value goes way up!

When you have need of another Pet that is a good "investment", this is one of the many ways to complete the task:

Find a Pet that meets the "important" things in step one above. Click on that Pets picture and watch the run progress. Notice who is buying the Pet. These just might be active players! Again, watch for a player who's Value is less than their Assets, there is a picture of a reasonably attractive (at least) person who may be using Tagged as a dating sight, and owns more than 6 Pets.


 Look for 2 things:
 - a Participation Award appropriate for the Pet's Value. If not, Find a better buy candidate.

 - Pet History:

Scroll to he absolute bottom of the page and select page 10 of 10. If this indicates activity a month or older, start over with another Pet because this one is not active enough.

 - Look through all the history pages to ensure activity at least 5 of the last 7 days.

If everything checks out, buy the Pet!

Aim for owning 7 investment Pets each about 1/10th of you Cash.

Own good Pets

you will want your Pets to increase in Assets As their Assets become much larger than their Value. Ask your owner to buy them so you can buy them back. You both make a good profit, Your owners sees you as a good and valuable player, your Pet is encouraged to continue working hard.

Hi and thanks for being my friend! I see that your name does not indicate your WWF membership yet I see you listed as a group member. I am a happy WWF member and am trying to buy WWF member Pets. If you want help in making your name correct, I can have an Admin contact you. If you don't want to be a WWF member, you should go to this page: and click "Leave Group". Thanks!

Hi! I'm Mike. I see that your name does not indicate your WWF membership yet I see you listed as a group member. I am a happy WWF member and am trying to buy WWF member Pets. If you want help in making your name correct, I can have an Admin contact you. If you don't want to be a WWF member, you should go to this page: and click "Leave Group". Thanks!

I don't know anything about other Pets groups, your owner, or a myriad of other things. What I do know is that as a member of the WWF group, we get to indicate our membership in our name space. I would like to encourage you to do that. Further, it is a rule of group membership. This is the cool part: you get to decide if you want to be a member or not. What is your choice?

Hi! I am a new WWF member trying to own at least one WWF Pet at any given time. I found your profile in the WWF membership listing yet your name does not indicate your WWF membership. Are you still interested in being a WWF member? Thanks! Mike.

Thai Castle review: Small Mom & Pop restaurant serving recipes he brought from Thailand. Informal and friendly, he makes me feel more like family than than a customer. Good prices and good serving sizes, prompt service and food preparation which is surprising; the meals are so good they should have taken much longer to prepare and been more expensive. Excellent variety in the menu and everything is good. Most dishes can be made anywhere from mild to hot and Thai hot (my favorite) so don't be afraid. Thai food is different than American which is reason enough to come here and experiment. You will likely make this a regular stop.


Hi Marwan, thanks for playing the pet game. .. . Best wishes -Mike

    Let me tell you how to get a few really quickly...
    Do a "Browse Pets" and set it up something like this:
    Females, 18 to 60 years old
    All countries
    1q to 10q in value
    Now, run down the line and buy those that meet these requirements:
    1. She's Pretty .
    2. Last purchase was less than 1/2 hour ago
    3. owns at least 4 Pets
    I'd recommend that you shoot for collecting the 5 bonuses (free money!), so hit the 'search' button and go again if necessary.

    Note: I would never recommend under any circumstances buying a Pet who owns less than 4 Pets and has not played  within the last 24 hours.

One obvious way to tell if a Pet is active is to see when their last purchase was.

Another is to look at their Cash and Assets. If those are nearly equal, they don't have much invested in the game. (Good numbers make about a 3 to 1 ratio.)

A third way. Scroll down to their history... If page 10 stuff happened 3 months ago, they are not active. Then, look to see if they have played each of the last 7 days.

An unreliable 4th way... Look to see if they have a calendar award that is appropriate to their Value.

You get brownie points for checking all 4. Enjoy the hunt!

 There is a lot to say... I'll cover it over a series of messages. Please feel free to ask any questions.
 I'll use my new owner as a reference:
 Just looking at that page, there is much we can learn:
 The picture is of a real person. This is good! I conclude he cares about this account.  Agree?

 Moving on:

    Value: $345,222,338 Q
    Cash: $14,628,703 Q
    Assets: $1,040,109,903 Q

 More Assets than Value... he's a good value - under priced.
 Much more Assets than Cash... He has much cash invested in Pets - he's playing the game!
 On the other perspective, his cash/assets ratio is low. 30% is a good rule of thumb minimum.
 This 30% leaves him a reserve to continue playing. Make sense?

    Last active: Half a minute ago
    Last purchase: 2 hours ago
    Pets: 27 | Wishers: 42 

 OK, he's played today. This is great! He continues working to increase his Assets and Cash. This will necessarily increase the likelihood that he will sell.
 His last purchase and active times are similar. Its bad when people are in Tagged but not playing the game... it may indicate they don't care so much about the game.

 Wishers really doesn't make much difference, however, they just will accumulate over time. Thus, wishers is better than not.
 Having 27 Pets is too much of a good thing. That says bunches!
 - He's been buying Pets that sell - he's making wise buys.
 - The Pets he own may be expensive enough that they will provide good profit when they sell.
    (We know this because of the Cash/Assets ratio.)
 - Not all his eggs in one basket.
 - Since there 27 (too many to properly manage) he probably has loads of cash tied up in Pets that are not selling.

 Make sense?
 Want more?

There is something HUGE that I want to point out... When you scroll down on a Pets page, you can see the awards. I need to see an award appropriate for the Pets Value. This tells me that the Pet has at least once put in a long string of repetitive daily activity.

The way to see if the Pet has put in a long string of repetitive days recently, I look thru the 'Whats New.' I go straight to page 10 and see when the last buy was. Optimum is 1 week or less. Then, scroll thru the pages and scan for a buy every day. If consistent, they may continue to be so. (There's nothing worse that a Pet who dies in your hands.)

-- Pets Courtesy: When you are bought, thank your owner. Buy a small Pet from your new owner if it's a smart buy. When your Pet is bought, thank the buyer (runs excluded obviously)

Hello Corinne, nice to meet you too! One thing I like about Pets is chatting with people I'd never otherwise meet. That said, I've been around the block a few times with Pets... If you like, I can probably help you with the game.

It's based on good etiquette... When you are bot, thank the new owner. Try to buy from that owner or at least in that owners family. When someone buys a Pet from you, thank them. Try to buy from them... they may very well have a good pet in your price range, and you two might start being friends and work together.

A lot of things affect whether you are bought (promoted), however, it all comes down to your ability to move to the next buyer... Primarily, How active? (Buying daily?) and are you buying good Pets? If you are doing this, you probably enjoy the game and will continue to do so. Thus, you will move on through many promotions.

This applies to your own value and the value of any Pet you buy.

Make sense? --- Hi friend... I invested in your pet profile cause I saw you were actively buying pets... keep your file active by buying even a small pet within 24 hours and the most 48 and you will increase your chances of having your value rise plus increase your pet playing cash... Also, every time you buy, you put yourself at the top of your owners page so everyone sees you first... Lastly, buy 5 small pets each day, and get a tagged bonus for each, which can exceed the cost of a small pet. Best wishes to you and thanks for playing. <your name>

Hello! I'm Mike, your pet owner. I've learned some things about the game, if you like, we can work together to get your value up and get you noticed. I just got bought and increased my value. Here's how I did it: I did the 'browse pets' thing and set it to "both", ages 18 to 99, all countries, 0 to 1T dollars. Hit the search button and you may have to refresh the page. Look for pets whose value is less than their assets, and currently own several (I like six minimum) pets. They must have made a purchase within the last few hours. Buy them one or more times then move on to others. Other buyers will see that you are active and consider increasing your value. Fun! Questions? Feel free to contact me. OBTW: You get a sign-on bonus every 4 hours, and bonuses for the the first 5 purchases each day!

"Thanks for accepting my friendship. . How do you like pets so far? . . do you have any questions? . . I can certainly try to share my experiences.

Five fun things to do in Pets

 ♥! AZ09? !♥ *ty my owner* 
 Amy W

1. Cool! I was away for a while this afternoon. While I was away, I made some money! Notice in your history, the occasional 0.5 T bonus for signing in. You will get that for just looking at a pets page and then leaving Pets entirely for at least 4 hours... its possible to get this bonus several times each day.

Sometimes, when you go to buy a Pet, they may have lots of cash and assets but not from playing the game... just from these bonuses. Looking through their history can be very informative!

Another bonus description in my next post.

1. Stay away! When you have played all the pets you want, completely exit (Pets - not necessarily Tagged) and stay away for 4 hours. The game gives a nice sign in bonus each tome you are active after a 4 hour absence. Given 2 or 3 of these a day, they really add up and increase your Pets Cash.

2. Get more bonuses... When you buy up to 5 Pets a day, you get a random bonus. It is possible that the bonus can be greater than the price of the Pet! (More on this in my next post.)

3. Find cheap Pets to buy... From anywhere in Tagged, click on the Pets tab, then click the Browse Pets tab. Adjust the settings as follows: Both, 18 - 99 years old, all countries, value .1 T to 10 T. Scan the results for an attractive one who meets ALL of the following: 1) Value less than 1/10th of YOUR Cash. 2) Value less than double their Assets. 3) Last Purchase within 12 hours. 4) Pets: 6 or more. Buy this Pet one or more times as long as the conditions above are met. This is a great way to find 5 quick purchases a day.

4. Pet Runs... This adds more risk (and profit) to #3 (above). From anywhere in Tagged, click on the Pets tab, then click the Browse Pets tab. Adjust the settings as follows: Female, 18 - 50 years old, all countries, value .1 T (or higher) to 50 Q. Scan the results for an attractive (hot) one who meets ALL of the following: 1) Value less than 1/10th of YOUR Cash. 2) Last Purchase within 1/2 hour. 3) Owns 6 or more Pets. Buy this Pet one or more times as long as her Value is less than 300 Q and she owns at least 4 Pets. Note: Actually, depending on how pretty she is and how much skin she displays, her run may continue a LOT. If she is hot enough, you can trade her beyond 300 Q. I won't usually trade above 2000 Q... I don't want to get stuck with her when the run ends.

Just a few things to do with dead pets. 1)try to revive them. She's not responding. 2) carry them for a while to see if someone buys them anyway. You did that. 3) Free them. You loose the investment. 4) create a 'hoover' account and sweep the dead ones away from your main account.

5. Investment Pets... Buy a few Pets for "investment" - to be sold over time. Look for Pets 1/10th or less of your cash. They must have purchased within a day and they have a consistent pattern of daily buys. Their Cash is above 30% of their Value.

6. Gold Runs... From anywhere in Tagged, click the Pets tab. Click the gold "get more gold" button. (Sometimes there is a blue section offering bonus gold in the right column a bit lower - click the "Earn Gold" link.) I look for offers of under 100 gold... they usually do not involve a lengthy survey or require my email address. Typically, I turn the sound off and watch a short youtube video. It's not a lot of gold, but it adds up and helps a lot!

7. Cash Runs... This is the riskiest and thus the fastest way to make large amounts of Pets money. From anywhere in Tagged, click on Pets. in Pets, click on "Cash Runs." I suggest that you scroll the list and find a "Money Run" with more than 40 players (if possible). Watch it go a few times to get the feel. When you play I suggest these rules: 1. Never risk more than 1/10th of your capitol. 2. Never risk if the software is not working perfectly. 3. If there are few players being active, you can get stuck so be sensitive to the 'feel' of the game. 4. don't be the first or last player to win (you may likely loose)!

Note, I'm happy to discuss this stuff if you have questions or comments.

Richard T (WWF) #221 IPS - No Buy 66, Woburn, MA

    You do realize that the cash runs are a gamble I assume. . . Over all the buys, cash given out for selling, and the final holder of "the virtual pet" (before the final spin, the final holder bought a non-existant pet - so 1/2 the cost of buying that pet for the last time, is instantly lost - - - > basically, the prior buyers gained at the final buyers expense) . .  . furthermore, on the spin, it is simple double or nothing - either you or tagged get the "other half" (even money again!!!) . .
    In other words, it is all the money of the folks bidding - tagged loses nothing. . .
    Yah... I've gotten hurt at Cash Run.
    Broke my own rules a few times
    Most people do. .  but some folks just like to gamble. . . Others don't know the real odds
    Broke your own rules like everyone does.
    I'm trying to raise cash a little at a time, like a turtle. That should be safe. I just need to follow my rules better. LOL, that's a problem I have in many aspects.
    K, . . . Just keep in mind, . . . Some of the folks in each room are just watchers. . . That number is variable.
    That makes sense... sometimes there are no trades even tho there are lots of people in the house. Thanks for your concern Richard
    Ahhh... thats who you are.... my owner!
    Just trying to help . . . Pass on what I understand of it. . . .LOL - Now you know that I bought you the other day. . . same me as Rich - B and C

    October 2
    Nice! Thanks for letting me know Rich. Check my value now!
    Caught a few wins
    Ah, good for you, near doubled your cash from your lows. . .

    October 2
    If my book value is truly, cash + assets, I am an exceptional value to my owner again!

    October 2
    LOL - you are an exceptional value, I agree. . . But assets = your cash plus what you paid for the pets you own. . . . BTW, when are you going on vacation? . .

    October 3
    Ah, I see you bought tolga back. . . Is he a fried of yours?

    October 3
    No, I just want to buy a Pet each day and he's a good one.

    October 3
    Well, Be careful when he gets closer to 1,000T
    Will do... thanks.

    October 3
    Sorry I have not said much of late, but I will be back soon. Have a bad cold right now, so I just come by to say hi - signing off right away, so I'll talk later. . . Enjoy pets. . . .Rich

    November 8
    I'm on the way to Vegas in the morning... business trip... I'll be buying (cheap) pets in the evenings.

    November 8
    Hey - Look at that! . .  Now your value is the same as ours!
    Its nice to be back home... under your ownership

    November 22
    Well, seems like you broke out again! . .  LOL . . . popular guy these days! . .

    November 27
    Look at your owner's, owner's, owner - LOL
    Alternatively, you can just look at my current pet! . . .

    November 27
    Holy crap! How did you do that?
    LOL - Do what? . . buy a pet? that was your owner's owner? - LOL
    trying to be a little more proactive in building a pet trading network so we can all have a bit more fun at this!
    that sounds interesting but I don't understand how it works.
    LOL - it is complicated, but if I get it off the ground, I'll let you know . . . as well as include you.

    November 27
    Yay! Thanks.

    November 27
    Hey, dude! . . Welcome back! . . . . . . Thjat may happen from time to time . .  (someone buys you away and I let you stay there for a bit), . . but I keep track of you, and won't actually let you go that easily . . . I bumped you up some also. . . you desreved it. . . . . Hope all is well . . . BTW. . . what does spxs stand for/mean? . . . best wishes, . . . -Rich

    November 29
    I created 2 women so i could follow your lead... now i need to find them so i can buy them. Spxs {an etf} will go away soon. Helping a {pretty} tag friend move this weekend.

    November 29
    LOL - follow my lead? . . . you mean in creating a circle? . . . just be aware that as an owned player, you get social benefits from that that I don't get with these profiles. .. . . LOL . . .

    November 29
    rite! I'll still be playing my
    I'll still be playing my mike, for thew pleasure of it.

    November 30
    Ah! . . . well, Hope you have a great weekend, my friend!

    November 30
    Thank you Sir. And ditto.

    November 30
    OK . . .I see you dropped me off your friends list. . . Not sure why. . .
    Not dropped.... never had this version of you.

    December 12
    Version? . . . LOL - did you think I changed? . . . . Nope!, same me . . (all three of me - LOL)
    Perhaps you mean you never were friends with Richard T, or Rich C? . . . My friend, I guess I'm getting old - LOL
    Nope, guess not . . Rich B not friends either?
    nor Rich C . .
    . . .

    December 12
    I requested friendship with the entire trinity  
    LOL - not God, my friend - LOL. . . What's up? . . I sense a problem. . .

    December 12
    1. Moving Mom into a assisted care place. 2. Tag friend treated me rong. (Oh no! someone on the internet is being stupid... must fix!  ) 3. Stock trading not going well for me - need to make some real cash.
    well... everything is about normal here.
    Hey, now that I have my 2 girl entities (Mel and Sam), and Joe (under Mel), what do I do with them? Not enough cash to do anything but 'cash runs'.
    OBTW. No problems with you... love you! You are the only one who wants to buy me. Guess I need to load about 2 dozen pets at all times.

    December 12
    Oh boy - now I sense hands full. .  My hat is off to you. .  Moving mom as such is filled with stress. . . my gf and her brothers did, yep - Stress.

    December 12
    Regarding internet friends, God, i've seen my share - but some folks are honest enough. . . It has taken me a long, long time to figure out how to draw appropriate "boundries" around my internet friends. . . As well as figure what was intended versus poor judgement. .  . For me (and for one), I've learned the importance of using smilys in my messages to help convey the appropriate emotions (They often convey opposite emotions of some of the ways I mistakingly phrase my writings - and trust me, as an engineer who basically spent most of my life talking to the machines and computers that I was responsible for, and not so much real people, . . . My writings often convey things I never meant! . . . . . ). . . Other than that, I can be just as paranoid as the next guy . . . . when I read things - got to keep my teeth tightly clenched on my tonuge until I can figure out the real meanings - - . .
    On Stock - I think I got real lucky - but that is after years of poor desisions. . . fortunately, the poor decisions were all on much smaller inverstments . . . which in turn taught me how to be more cautious in both stocks and pets . . . and what to look for to mitigate risk. . . .Not for nothing, but really . . Good Luck! . .   . .
    As for interest in you and your pets . . . my first suggestion would be to join a pet group.. . . I belong to two.
    I would suggest IPS at this point. . . . Don't try bringing in your fake profiles, and remember to play fair with all your profiles if you join a pet group. . . and with the profile that you join a pet group with, learn how to buy pets that are easier sells. . . If you like, I'll try to give you some more tips over time on that. .  . it is time you learned more. .. .
    As for me, . . . Well, now that I am active once again, I am slowly ramping up towards full bore . . . LOL . . . After all, I have a little bit of experience, and I do try to share with my friends . . . That said - remember that! . . . My friends! . .  and I count you as one of those. .  and as such I have shared knowledge so you could grow. . . I have not forgotten you! . . .
    So if you would like to join IPS - Let me know and I will get you an invite!

    December 12
    I am interested in learning more while helping others meet their goals. So I'm an IPS yes.
    You did software engineering? Awesome! I loved that when I had opportunity to do some. These days, I just write a Perl scripts.

    December 12
    Yes - Officially I was a software engineer in computer and communications systems. . . but I also did some electrical design on same, a lot of systems integration and test and other systems work . . . In embedded systems also (embedded in circuit cards)

    December 12
    I got the "Go-ahead" . . . 1) put: . . . IPS . . . in your profile name, 2) go to the group - and add the "administrators" listed in subject: "Staff of IPS" as friends, 3) go to subject "New members sign in" and say hi. . . you should tell them there that I invited you. . .  That's it - then you are a member!
    LOL - I went straight to the CEO for permission. . . was no problem . . .I think they like me . . . I had an old friend (that I helped raise years ago) invite me. . .

    December 12
    Basti is the highest priced pet on your page. . . How long has he been there since you bought him last?

    December 12
    I've been buying Basti for well over a month now... he keeps getting bought away, and I keep buying. He's a great pet. I last bought him yesterday I think... all 10 pages of my history cover only some of yesterday and today so I can't be sure.
    WoHoo? I'm in with the in crowd! I'll hook everything up tomorrow when I have more monitors. Thanks for your help.

    December 12
    dude, we could flip Clifford J a zillion times! Wanna play?

    December 12
    Curious... 1) How did he get so much cash? 2) Why do people keep buying him and setting him free?

    December 12
    Bennout dancing . . I'm back now
    I went ahead and did the steps you suggested above

    December 13
    I looked at Clifford - I do not understand either. . .

    December 13
    I asked in the IPS board.
    How much is safe to do on him?
    how high can we go?
    OK, Mike . . . there are some things I see that should be questioned . . that said, I think clifford is a decent risk only up to a certain amount
    lets discuss how far we should take him before we go further, agree?
    do you have access yo yahoo chat?
    yah... congamike
    oops... must install... 1 minute
    I am rich5678t . . . . (
    Check his profile page.... scary
    I did before I started - 1) pretty bare . . . 2) says joined in 2009, . . . 3) history shows a buy 3months ago, then a day ago, then today. . . not promising, but worth a risk at a low price. . . I can throw him to my dead pet page, but don't want to go too high. .  What is your opinion?
    still trying to log into yahoo... sorry.

    December 13
    Gazi is scaring me... only 2 pets now.

    December 14
    Yeah - we will see what he does - I took him and will try to train him on low level stuff. . . I'm not really sure how often he comes to tagged - let alone play pets
    Hopefully you have the link to the new farm page. . . updated codes and added currently considered range information. . . Remember though, it is still a work in progress.
    Let me know - you should have gotten an email with the link

    December 14
    I have the sheet! Thanks.

    December 14
    Consider buying scareface - he is on my "dead pet profile" (Shh - don't tell anyone!) . . but he was never a dead pet. .  He bidding up newbie's when I bought him (via jim) . . .
    woah! Are you sure? he only has 2 pets and they are crap
    OK... his history looks good... I'm on it
    Yes, pet page can be decieving - folks do not always delete dead pets. . . I will give my personal guarentee on this buym this time.
    I don't want to fully associate myself with "Jim"
    Thats huge! I have him.
    Why do you say huge?
    i trust you... u would never want to do me harm because you are invested in me

    December 14
    You bet dude! . . but even when you sit on another's page - I still have a lot invested in you! . . .Information wise! . . . . . . and I do not want to lose you as a friend, in part because of that - the rest, because you are a good guy - LOL . .
    See that - Scarface bought something after you bought him . . .Now, for as ling as he is with us, we ty to build up his trust in us. . no harsh words or demands - If he says something we do not like - we answer in silence. . .LOL
    So . . . Now I've setup so I have some good cheap pets on my page.  . . This will allow me to build a good trading network. . . when my "network players" come to my page, theuy can find good pets at many different values. . .
    Wohoo! I'm going shopping!
    actually, i'm getting a bit cash strapped
    I need to not have the girls
    or, make some profit from them

    December 14
    Send me their links - ˆ can watch, and perhaps advise

    December 14

    December 14

    December 14
    Interesting . . .Ghazi messaged me:
    hello my friend Richard thanks I am from jordan and Ill be in usa in after 7 weeks you R good friend thanks
    sir now I am good player
    touching! . . no?

    December 14
    Wow - he's a Lawyer! . . . :
    no I want to visit my brother 2days then I had some worke their >>>>>>I am a laweyr
    I am a lawyer and specialist commercial ......The coming period I travel on planes to a company I agent addition I next week passengers into three states and, God willing welcomed tells you the date of my and anything Ptanajh friend of Jordan Please, Khaberni We Tarefna on the net and God willing we will meet hope you happiness and health God protect
    That certainly helps make pets more fun . . no?

    December 14
    WOW thats awesome! I'd like to buy him lunch if he comes to Indy
    thanks for sharing

    December 14
    That's a great tag! The little kid walking a dog. Thanks!

    December 17
    Loved that thing! . . .

    December 18
    Some dummy just bot one of my 'no buy' girls... I'm free! (And richer)

    December 18
    We could flip Basti a few times

    December 18
    LOL - - some folks just don't bother to read . . . (no buy) - LOL

    December 18
    So what's happening mike?
    Oh! You bot me again... Thanks
    not much oing on
    I made my $1 jazllion bazillion for the day... watching a japanese movie. You?

    December 18
    Talking to an old friend, right now - he just reminded me that I recruited him to the group we were in during the old days. . . and how I trained him in pets - LOL - Sounds familiar?
    Hhmmmmmm...   LOL
    I just found out tonight that the same pets I had been trading at their low end, are the same ones that you taught me to trade the other day
    Same exact pets? . . . likely just the same type. . . I mentioned back then that you had to be careful as I recall!
    I choose my target price based on several factors. . .
    yah... i got carried away on a few (as you can see)
    I promise to be better
    Too easy to get carried away
    yah... I'll learn it in time
    I keep a "sleeper" profile just for that. . . Do you still check for the "free gold videos"?
    Oh yah... I am sitting on 1,662 gold rite now
    I run it on 2 different computers on week days
    you can get the same gold several times each day
    yes - easy enough to take your "joe" or even "Sam" profile - watch a few videos - get them some gold, and have them buy your sleepers. . . . .
    cool, thanks!
    I'd like to do something with the one that got bot
    I try to move my bad bets to my sleeper. . . Some folks call it a dump - maybe so, but believe it or not, some of the "pretty gals" either come alive 3 months down line, or get bought as a "trophy gal" by some new buyer who has the impression that they can collect pretty gal pictures . . . or even a real person's friend!
    that's probably what happened... she's got one hell of a cleavage

    December 18
    in truth, I think I bought about 5 bucks worth of gold during a "special" a while back. .  he still has pleanty, as I only use it if I mess up. . .
    Recently I blew it and bought yeya by accident. . . also, Nuno I had raised a couple of times - but he lost interest.
    You should think about buying off some of your older sleepers. . . I try to keep a decent amount of cash visible there, myself
    Especially drkeyes and ashby - pet buyers don't value another pet buyer highly if they keep dead profiles on their page.
    anything 2 weeks or older should be expunged somehow.
    will do!
    (honestly, some people go away on vacations and the like, so I do not dump pets too quickly from my main profile)
    oh thats a great point

    December 18
    Holy crap! Sarah is the same value as me and she's only a day old! The major difference (i guess) is that I don't look like that in a bikini.

    December 19
    ROTFL - yep, swimsuit gals take home a premium value over normal "pretty" gals. ..
    Guys never do that well first time out.
    Today, the bids seem to be going particularly high. .  I thought the swimsuits were getting about L21x3.0 - LOL (3 x log21)

    December 19

    December 19
    Can't count on top price all the time though - depends on who is bidding. . .

    December 19
    REgarding? your Gail . . . I tend to look for more pets . . . say . .  5 or so. . . . too many times, I've seen someone seemeingly star to play pets, when they only "bought" a boyfriend. . . LOL
    ( which can easily be the case, if they only buy one pet. . . There are useually enough choices, that I can avoid that - _rich

    December 19
    Yah.. I look for 5 or more as well... due to the rush today, I may have bot a 4 in there somewhere
    Gail, is currently a 1 - but I see sghe was a 3 when you bought her. . .

    December 19
    and now she's a ZERO
    and Linda is a one... I'm screwed
    Ah - LOL - sometimes, I've gone and bought pets from a new player - just to inspire them . . . Sometimes others do the same.  . . Sometimes it is something else. . . . If the player is real, perhaps they will be inpired to play. . . . If they are fake (and by that I mean just a pawn of another player. .  perhaps not. . . it always depends. . . once you have made a choice, you can only hope it turns out OK - and sometimes it does. . . Increasing the odds of that is a skill.

    December 19
    OMG... someone bot me. i must be doing something rite (thanks to you)
    Ha - now we are getting somewhere. . . you caught the eye of one of the IPS folks.
    Making you some $$$ finally
    Sometimnes takes a while. . . I will be keeping an eye on you - stay in touch - you are never really that far away from a true friend. . . .-Richj
    yah. we are still buds.
    I was not really worried - you are a good player. . . just needed the visability - LOL
    more than buds - ain't nothing more than good friends, but more ts - LOL
    Don't forget to thank him for the buy. . . and if he has a pet that you think you can sell, and is in a reasonable price range - consider buying it. . . -Rich
    I did thank him... reading his profile... didn't think to buy from him... great idea!
    Always consider that - a buyer is risking pet money based on their thought that they can sell you - but it is still a risk. . .pets that buy from you are more valuable than pets that do not. . . pets that communicate with you are more valuable than those who do not. . . .encourage communications. . . and instruct your pets if you can. .  . but above all else - do not buy a pet that you do not think you can sell - you are under no obligation, and no one can force you!
    LOL - thonk "merry christmas" - ROTFL!

    December 19
    Unfortunately, he may or may not be a fake - one never knows. . . Ont trick used in this game is to boot a fake profile up, (multilpe flips), then buy a promising club profile. . . the club profile then gets flipped up way beyond norm, and they wait for the profile to be bought back - - I tag profiles as I go - and take notes on each one - I review their history and watch their play . . . This one was flipped up to almost three times their starting value 3 days ago. . . Don't sweat it though - at worst, your value goes up - LOL . . .but if they do that, folks might not buy you again soon - the more experienced player keeps thing like that in mind. . . But you still have your friends! . . -Rich
    woah... I'll have to re-read this a few times
    Why is it true that my value is limited because my owner is fake?
    well... he sent me a friend request... I accepted.

    December 19
    If I said that, then That was not meant - - If your owner is fake, it does not have to be bad. . . if he flips you many times, he may not be fake - but if he flips you many times, do not expect to be bought back for a while - it is something that others can do, but it means that others will not deal with them or their kind. . .
    Do not assume bad - he may be a great guy!
    I see... yah. thanks.

    December 19
    He's not a great Pets player... I'm the best he's got. I better buy something so I can be top of the list.

    December 19
    she's cheep rite now
    gone now

    December 19
    LOL - Sorry - went out to a square dance - Not that I can dance yet - my knee needs to heal. . . By the way! . . you sent me a link to a browse page. . .
    Yes, I noticed that he wasn't a great player - but he got flipped until he was triple his starting value - a tip off that something isn't right. . . (Never a guarentee though)

    December 19
    sorry for the wrong link. sorry about the knee.
    Yah, I think the 2 who flipped him are the same person or a team. Then, he/they are putting me in a safe place to keep an eye on me. They don't know to store data in a 'sheet (or maybe they did).

    December 20
    LOL - Seems you like my style - LOL -Rich

    December 20
    Thoughts on pets . . As you try to develop a network of trusted trading partners - always remember to trade fairly. . .very big pets can be one thing, but in small to medium size pets, it is best to remember that good players should always keep their trading fair. . . I generally look at this as meaning that if someone buys 15 trillion in pets from me, that I should buy 15 trillion in pets from them. . . especially over time. . . Still, you should never feel that you are obligated to buy pets that may be impossible to sell. .   To me, I mostly buy only active pet buyers. . . and even then, I look for pet buyers that buy almost every day. .  To check out a pet, I usually scan through the pet’s “What’s New” History - mostly looking at the days they bought a pet, but  for the more expensive pets - I also sample the types of pet they buy. my goal is to not get stuck with a pet I can not sell.
    With strangers, I might buy a good small pet and see if they reciprocate. . .
    One more thing: . . . I also tend to shy away from a pet that only has one day in their history . ..

    December 20
    Wow! thats great stuff... thanks

    December 20
    Hope it helps - Best wishes - Rich
    I never thought to check my hostory to see who has been buying my pets
    and... thanks for buying me!!!
    - on pet history - be careful that you are not just checking "recently sold" . . . to find out who really bought that pet, you need to check "What's new" . . the real pet history . . -Rich
    yah thanks. I've missed a few paybacks.

    December 20
    you must have been working hard... lots of cash!!! I'm impressed.
    A little this, a little that. . . then I get into long discussions with the big Q's . .. It can be a long day, my friend, but still very stimulating - LOL . . Thanks for your buys . . . I have yet to scan your page today, but it is on my important "things to do" list . . . <grin> . . . how's your pets. . . having fun? . . .

    December 21
    I'm having fun but sad I'm stuck with a few... several look look like they are dying. I been sending messages out, trying to encourage them.

    December 21
    Which ones are they? . . Send me their links or their names - I will look at them and try to encourage them.
    Thanks, will do. BBL... just popped in to buy/sell 1 pet (keeping it fresh). gonna go pack more of mom's stuff.

    December 21
    I only have one who is petless now, Adela. Aleeyna has Pets, but has not been active for 4 days... sad. The other 2 problem children won't get their messages because they quit tagged.

    December 21
    Solange, Is very communicative, just not in English.
    She called me a god but she meant owner.  
    I cashed in some gold so I don't miss the deadline. BOOM!

    December 22
    Adela, it seems, you got at the end of a run that left you holding. .  . there can be occasional bright spots in them, but for the most part, about 90% of the initial bid ups on the ladies . . . never buy again - Sometimes a gal that has just been through the initial run up, is a fake of another player. . . from time to time, these "fakes" offer "keys" . . . which means that they will turn the profile over - usually the last bidder. . . unfortunately, the ones with "Keys" usually have their profiles private, and this one does not. . . Often, for the keys, you have to offer friendship, if they respond, look for the keys in their profile. . .

    December 22
    But this one has an open profile, and you can see that the profile was started on the day of the bidding. .  One picture, no friends, pretty girl pic, all signs pointing to the profile being a "fake". . . Fakes may be saved by the owner until some point when they are needed. . . I never delete these profile . . but I do send them to my "sleeper" at a reasonable point. . . .
    Real profiles act different, but in all reality, many get scared when they see the initial bid up . . . Most do not know what to make of it. . .

    December 22
    I'l send a simple smily face to her. . . see if she responds . . . Might include a simple "welcome to the pets game" . . . My aim would be not to scare a potential new player, regardless fake or not . . . to see if she will respond. . . young gals get concerned about being "stalked" . . . so I might use a female profile to do that . . . She has been signing in, but not buying, and she speaks english. . . WE will see what happens. . .

    December 22
    Aleeana is a private profile . . you should send a friend request right away . . Have you?
    She has a ton of profile views - over 13 thousand. . . interesting!

    December 22
    Some pets that come from foreign countries - especially poor foreign countries, can not get on line regularly . . but even so, she visited without buying a couple of times. .  TRy? to communicate with her - doesn't mean she/he speaks english, but try. . . always be friendly, never sound suspicious - you can't gain anything by being overly angry or suspicious in this game - better to be silent if you are angry, at least until you settle down.

    December 22
    Gold can currently be cashed in anytime. . . It is the buying of gold that has time limits. . . When I want gold, I usually wait for it to "go on sale" before I buy . .  seems others do also. . . I consider it "on sale when they offer to "double" the gold you get from purchasing it. . .

    December 22
    Solange seems like she could be real. . . small exception is that she is already buying active pets, but that is also a plus. . . She has just recently been through the initial bid up, I usually wait, but she bought about an hour after the bid up - good sign. . . That still doesn't tell us that she will buy tomorrow . . . we have no clue what her buying habits are. . . That said, I suggest "Scheduling" her. . . By that I mean sort of flipping her, but not just between you and I , but also on a "buy once only, once a day" to start, at her current value. . . That way, we get to see how she actually behaves in her buying habits. . . So if you don't mind, I will start by buying her today. . .

    December 22
    Be careful of buying pets off of her - her current best pet is "K" and although he bought something about 14 hours before, the time before that was about a week, with his comming on-line a couple of times in-between - not currently a good sign. . . .

    December 22
    I will put her in our shared spreadsheet. . . we need to watch for someone else buying her . . As long as she continues to buy active pets, and come on-line daily, she would be worth at least L21x1.0 (1,000,000,000T) - that she communicates, perhaps more. .  . If someone else buys her, we should buy her back unless her value passes, let's say L20x2.5 if she has not bought something today, L20x6.0 if she has bought something today . . .  . The idea behind that, is to mitigate risk . . she goes to far in value, and we can still track her, but the new holder assumes the risk - LOL . . .

    December 22
    OK, she speaks Portuguese - She messaged me and I responded. . . I told her I was a friend of yours (In Portuguese) - LOL

    December 22
    OK . . Change of "her schedule" - she bought something.  . now 2 known days in row. . . you should buy her back up to L20x3.0 (300,000,000T) - I will wait for you to buy -  then I will buy her back . . whoever she lands on when she is L20x3.0 or above - she stays with until tomorrow - if she buys tomorrow, we bid her up to L20x4.0 - Sound good?
    I will make changes on the spreadsheet on her status, as I see it. . . I will not buy twice in a row -
    . . . I could buy twice in a row, but this is your find, and I will not step on that.

    December 22
    1) Great info Thanks! 2) Sent friend request to Aleena. I suspect she's bogus because of the country she lists. 3) Good point. 4) Yah me too. I do a gold run each day but sometimes hold off for a bouns. Likewise, I prefer to save it up for a conversion bonus. However, I'm guessing that the current  special offer is all we're going to get. From there, I have no reason to hold on to it. 5) Solange. Sounds great! the exception is that I may not have internet access while visiting friends for a few days. Glad u bot her... she's a bargain. 6) Yah. Her pets are outside my trade rules. She needs to learn. 7) My friend Pedro speaks Portuguese. I spend a lot of time in 8) OK.. buying Solange. I hope to be online tomorrow, not sure. Go ahead without me... its my fault to be away and I'm happy to keep her profits in the family.  

    December 22
    I may have forgotten to say... Thanks for flipping me!!!!

    December 22
    Yeah - you buy her back, and I'll get her again when I come back - Going out with the gf to see the lights in Boston - . . .LOL

    December 22
    Someone had purchased her from me earlier today . . . I see you bought her back. . . Well, I'm pretty sure she will buy again - I'll get her when I see that and we can bring her to 400.

    December 23

    December 23
    I told Solange to stay active... she replied: "I am very happy and fun even" Gotta love her

    December 23
    LOL . . .Yep, gotta love her. . . I'm signing out for the night. . . See you tomorrow. . . -Rich

    December 24
    Good morning mike! How are you today? . . Got your "shopping" done yet? - LOL - (I haven't) . . .

    December 24
    G'morning {evening}... still must shop... @ the inlaws for dinner... no internet. Just checking to see what i can do withthe cell phone. Nice hat!
    LOL - - - Ho, ho, ho . . . Merry Christmas! . . .
    I think I got to do better with the camera . .   Still experimenting on self portrait - LOL

    December 24
    Its a great seasonal thing... very festive!

    December 24
    Thanks - the kind of thing others do so much better at - LOL - so I gat to try! . . . . . -Rich

    December 24
    Thanks for buying me again

    December 25

    December 25
    Merry Christmas Rich.

    December 25
    Thanks for buying me again!
    Ok... Note to self: Don't trade non-hot pets while eating a meal... i can overbid and get stuck.
    Ouch! . . . LOL - you know, I've taken that note many times! . .

    December 26

    December 26
    Oh, I hear uya, my friend! . . . .  . LOL

    December 26
    OK. I have a question... How much cash should I have in reference to my other numbers? I'm pondering Basti again but he's getting expensive.

    December 27
    TRy? never to go under 30% of value - you hear different things from different people, but to the folks that are trading with you, some buy from you because they believe you can buy back. .  cash too low and they do not. . .I am in a position to take more chances than you, so do not copy me on cash . . . Stick to the 30% or greater thing. . . .

    December 27
    Will do! thanks for the explanation... i appreciate the psychology behind it all.

    December 27
    So then... I should go on a shopping spree?

    December 28
    I'm getting frustrated... It's impossible to make my daily goal of 1,000,000 T in assets by trading 0 to $1,000 pets. It's sometimes impossible to do it with $1,000 to $200,000 pets. What can I do to reliably better pets quickly?

    December 28
    # 1 - on stocking up on tradable pets, Look for pets that buy everyday, or at least every 48 hours. . . I aways check trading history unless I am in the "runs". I stay clear of buying pets (for trading) if their history shows a recent run up.
    Actually, I look at pet history a lot when I'm buying tradable pets. . . I have gotten use to paging back through a pet's history as I count the days that they bought something.
    Myself? . . . I count today's buys as day 0, yesterday's as 1, the day before as 2 etcetera. . . . If it ends up that I counted buys on the last 8 days, I write it as "B01234567" . . . or if missing a day: "b0124567" . .
    To me, a tradable pet is enjoying the game. . . so they should also be buying more than one pet a day. . .
    #2 - on pet runs. . . I try to get use to what pet runs are "running to". . . and for that, I keep the pet picture, asset ratio, buyer interest and number of pets holding in mind.
    For runs - that said, I always find a good number of pets that: Have a picture of a person (not cartoon etcetera), and is holding at least 4 pets. . .

    December 29
    So for the runs, I look for female only - and in my mind, I seperate real female pictures, into categories: in pic with others, in pic but far away, decent portrait but not attractive, attractive, gorgeous, and swimsuit.
    The I look for an atractive, or gorgeous, or swimsuit gal. . .

    December 29
    My values search range is currently set from 0 to 10,000T, and I look for buyers whose last purchase is around 15 min or less. . . and I prefer to get in the bids at about 10T to 500T or so, but will go lower or higher. . .But . . . Although I make my 1st buy for a pet off of the browse page. . . I immediately go to the pet's pet page after that. . . Mainly because I keep an eye on who is buying. . .
    Who is buying is imporatnt to me. . . I like to see 5 or more buyers in the bid up with me. . . Also, if buyers regularly getting 3 or more puchases to my 1,  then I first consider a page reset or even a browser reset (I quit the browser and restart it). Otherwise I just move on to the next pet. . .
    If two buyers are bidding up the pet without others in the action, for instance - I stand back and watch for a bit - if the bidding is above 1,000,000T, and under 5 bidders . .  I will watch for 5 or 20 bids. if that continues, I'm on to my nex pet.
    That said, you should be safe bidding up the pet to 200,000,000T . . better profits, but I might only get 5 bids in above 1,000,000T.
    Awesome stuff. thanks!

    December 29
    Basic ground rules - things like this change from time to time because the dynamics of the game change. . . mostly towards higher values, but be careful of making assumtions that it did.
    cool. thx.

    December 29
    Oh my! You bot me again! Thanks!

    December 30

    December 30
    Ha! . . . we needed to get that going with you - finally = bought by someone big in IPS - I'll let you stay with Debbie (CEO) for a little bit - while on their page, they will realize your value. .  Then I will not be the only one interested in raising you! . . . Believe it or not, this will work out well for you! . . You are worth this, my friend, but it is a chance I take! . . . -Rich
    You are a MUCH better player than Debbie... No chance she can out-earn you.
    Now that I'm her pet, I'll pump her for info... she had to have done something rite
    LOL - OH! . . .you haven't seen nothing yet! . . I am still building structure - it takes a while.
    I have much to learn from you. Hope to make you some money in the process.
    She's big into wishers
    Hey! . . We all have something to offer in pets. . . no doubt she knows much - and likely some things I do not. . . I had considered starting a group, but doing it right is a lot of work, and I do not have all the skills needed - better to have salesmanship knowledge, than just business knowledge - two seperate fields
    Heads of groups always have lots of wishers - I do not concentrate on that - but it is important to some. . .
    odd she has really crappy pets but TONS of cash
    #'s of wishers bring prestege. . . and with that, admiration - some folks value that. . .
    Salesmanship is a gift of gab -
    she has 7 accounts
    an ability to talk folks into things - it can be used for good, or used for evil games. . . Both happen in pets - beware of that!
    i see. thanks
    LOL - Shh - I have 10
    only 4 are acive right now
    it is simply more than I can handle. . . 4 of my profiles were in another group. 1 of those, for several years . . . I had my accomplishments with them. . . never did any harm - saw lots of bad things, saw groups respond to bad things - helped groups figure stuff out . . . Oh - you will never know! . . . But the best groups discuss stuff at an admin level. . many good minds solve problems better.
    Very true - known players that start pet runs have a reputation. . .
    On cash - yep - the more the better - of what folks say? . . the minimum they figure is 30%. . . some as high as 2x. . . .quite a range. . . .On the one hand they talk to folks buying pets from you and your ability to buy back . . . .On the other hand, they talk of your value . . of the latter folks, some have devious reasons.
    pet history - anytime a pet value goes beond a certain range - I check it thoroughly, for days they purchased - how many pets bought each day, and types of pets. .  for speed purposes, My check for days they buy uses the pull down on the history - since I'm in counting mode, I only care that they bought something on days 0, 1, 2, etc - sometimes a quick skip ahead to page 10 reveals something 3 months ago - generally, a turn off to me.
    Ah - COV - never heard that - always good to know
    and yes, some times page 10 is 3 months ago... scary
    The cash over value thing - more true of new to you owners!
    That is why page 10 is important to me - but on the initial run pets, the buys walk that info off the screen - which is why I: 1) try to never get stuck with a run pet (She is giving great advise on this - run pets apear to have a 90% chance of not buying again. . . but some offer "keys", some are real pets who get scared by the runs, like it is some form of stalking. . .
    of the 10% . . (actually, I think I am conservative on the 90%) . . some mayplay for a while, then stop because they can not figure it out - which is why it is best to friend your catch, and find a non-scary way of offering help.

    December 30
    Lot of good stuff there - some put better than I can, but I know - some stuff I didn't know - alll good . . . but take  the cash figures as a thing that is from a certain perspective only. . .
    there are other perspectives - but the better your cash ratio - the more people might take interest - that is unfailingly true.
    Some folks look at the cash ratio as a chance to flip a pet up, knowing that cash is an almost certain way to measure interest - but i know it is not a perfect way to measure interest. . . watch out for that. .  Also - pets flipped beyond their ability, more often sit for long periods of time on an owners page. .
    Some measure of a "regular period of time" are around 1 week between raises. . . . at least on higher levels of value - and higher levels are a moving target.

    December 30
    all good stuff
    I think I know how she noticed me.... I posted to Q/A thread in IPS
    I know she saw you in check in and others also - but something like Q&A - shows interest in pets, and less so in "Being bought" . . .if that makes any sense. . . .

    December 30
    great point

    December 30
    Whatcha think of this guy:

    December 30
    buys in days b=0,2,3,5,7  - was on line on day 4, did not buy, Buys in runs, av=1+, cv= almost 1, multple pics, profile started in 2006? . . profile views about 40, 3 wishers. .  Does not look like he speaks English. .   this one has potential . . But only potentail trading network I see is in his runs. . . . . should easily go to 500,000,000T, over that can happen, but I would not want him over that for what I currently see. . . I bought him - should be bought at least daily.

    December 31
    Awesome analysis.... i have much to learn. First, I'm gonna buy him back!
    Once I do an analysis like that, I awlways store the info on a sheet somewhere.
    good plan
    . . . I will probably buy him once a day, depending on his action. .
    Up to some reasonable point
    i'm with ya
    we'll be rich!
    Ah - and on the 7th day, he rests - awesome day! .  .
    wow. that is awesome
    LOL - I set myself up for better profits . . . -Rich

    December 31
    I'm gonna need more info than that... stop teasing me.  

    December 31
    Value: $40,165 T Cash: $154,871,412 T Assets: $154,871,412 T
    10 pages of history... 10 minutes.

    December 31
    Yeah - some runs are like that. . .

    January 1
    Oh wow!!! You really passed me around. Thanks! I hope it was good for you (It sure was good for me!

    January 1
    yep! - - and Gene is a good friend of mine - an association that goes back years. . . .Be sure to say hi . . . and chat a bit with him.

    January 1
    I thanked him as soon as I noticed.

    January 1
    You might be able to start a conversation by mentioning that I said he has been a friend of mine for a while, and that we have been acquaintences to several years.

    January 1
    So have you been chatting?

    January 1
    Decent job picking pets: Azhar A - b0124 - male buying non-players - I figure limiting a bid-up on these to approx 2,000,000,000 T. .  As with any live pet - they generally get discouraged if they are not bought regularly. .  I prefer getting them (buyers of non-players) earlier because of my limits. . . they either need to be trained, or bought by someone else. . . . after limits, they are pretty much worthless if you can't train them - Kind of like buying a puppy that refuses to learn to pee outdoors. . . They are real people, but as an analogy, it helps to put things in perspective. . . they speak a foriegn language? . . messages blocked and will not friend you? . . .won't answer you so as to engage in conversation? . .  . then can't tell them what pets work better - biggest problem is that they get bored and stop playing, of course. That happens if they do not get raises, or don't understand the game and get frustrated. . .
    I buy, but we need to slow down his raises progressively - start by buying every other day that they buy something. .  hope someone else gets interested, then let it go . . .
    awesome advice. THANKS
    . .  . But - never just leave an active pet with your workmates. . . for inactive, we need to understand there is always that chance in the game, and that we need to take our own chances. .
    So slowing down the buy is important - someone else will eventually find value in an active pet.
    good point
    It's Mara who is not responding to communication
    With friends, it is different, you train, you set them up for harmless lerning experiences.
    LOL. I was just going to say that I havn't tried talking with Azhar yet
    So I buy Azahar . . do not buy back until day after tomorrow, if gone, leave gone. . . Unless you can communicate with him, of course - Still, leave him in his schedule. . when he changes/learns is when we change the schedule - That is how I work anyway

    January 1
    So i'm looking at Martin... he is active but has no decent pets. Why do you have him?
    Berit Helene J: 2,300,000,000T . . AV=13.2, cv=6.3, 1 pic only in profile (better if more), on tagged since 2009, buy=0,3,7 (will sit on page for a while except for exceptional stat numbers. . . does not appear to spek english (all foreign lang on page)
    Should I buy him from you?

    January 1
    I have him as a player who buys not only pets in a run, but also pretty girls that are not players - both have their own markets. . .bought on 0,1 . . . the most recent run pet was recently sold for 12,000,000,000+ - Stats: av=2.87, cv=1.07 . . . I like that stuff -  What i do not like is his having over 200 pets. . .
    pets like that are a delicacy to the prp2 and ROSE players. . . I had an excellent prp2 on my page, buy he just got bought away - I thought he would take an interest in Martin
    But I feel safe having martin on my page . .

    January 1
    I understand
    Gater T: buys non-players, av= 0.54 (that shows his cash is mostly from his being bought, not pet sales) . . cv - who cares since av=.5? . . . . He is obviously having fun . . OK for now - beware of 2,000,000,000T
    It amazes me that Debby only has pets who have 0 pets. I have much to learn
    good point
    Pets with 0 pets are just pet runners. . they have value only up to a point. . . what you are learning from me right now, is how to buy pets that you can actually sell to someone . . both skills needed. You do have a good jump on run pets.

    January 1
    yah. agree

    January 1
    oops... sorry
    I won't be around long - saquare dance tonight! . . -Lol
    Caution on this - 18 years old - this is their 1st day buying from what I can see , , , and the last time they were on-line was  a month ago. . . let someone else have it is my suggestion.
    At most - wish it and look in on it in coming days.
    There are lots of those - can find them anytime. . .

    January 2
    These are rare occurrences for me. You have a good eye.

    January 2
    I'm tired tonight... made my Pets goal and I'm going to bed early.

    January 2
    Glad I checked. ..  I'm doing what I can to watch out for you. . . Gn, mike. . . -Rich . .

    January 2

    January 3
    Hi mike, thanks for the buys. . .
    my pleasure!

    January 3
    Sometimes, I buy pets just to grab a quick bonus. Sometimes, to show I'm active. Sometimes, to participate in a run. Sometimes for an investment. You are the king of fundamental analysis, so I know its safe to hold your pets long-term. That makes my work easy!

    January 3
    Solange may not be a good investment... I've been talking with her but she's not taking my advice. (Could be the language thing)
    I think she's wonderful... she wants in my pants  
    I noticed a problem with her. . .. Thanks for trying. . I had promised I'd protect you on this one. . .
    Have you been speaking spanish to her?
    er, portugese?
    Thanks for the warning, but I was aware. .  Still, it is nice to know we are sharing intellegence . .
    Portuguese. She is running a funny translate program.... she referred to me as her "god".

    January 3
    Holy crap! You have a lot of cash!

    January 3
    That often changes fairly quickly, my friend! . . LOL

    January 3
    Now that you are better at recognising good pets, start trading some small ones. . . always keep a couple of good ones on hand.
    develop trading relationships
    Keep 'em fresh, and flowing along
    trade by buying good pets, and having similar priced good pets. .  Always thank a buyer, always be courteous
    LOL - and always check under the hood!

    January 3
    wow. I never thank buyers... good stuff! All good advice - thanks
    Whats bugging me is that good cheap pets sell immediately... Can't maintain a variety of priced pets

    January 4
    I think that Solange is trying to figure out who you really are and if she should contact you.

    January 4
    She wrote me pretty much as soon as I bought her. . . I answered her. . .  Things seem OK - Maybe she likes me . . . Anyway, someone bought her. . ..
    You are right about the "good cheap pets" . . I believe that is one of the best ways to establish a trading network. . . . and thanking someone opens ommunication doors. .  and that fosters good will. .

    January 4
    Thank you for buying Marwan. He didn't respond to my message, but he is active.

    January 4
    Thanks - from what he writes in his profile, I do not get the impression that his english is all that good. . . I sent him a welcome greeting - lets see what he does . . .

    January 4

    January 4
    LOL. Solange is considering paying cash for gold so she can buy me!
    Interesting . . Marwin responded to me . . . What did you say to him that he did not respond - tell me exactly and I may be able to help. . .

    January 5
    I said: "Hello Marwan, I am Mike, your Pet owner. I'm available if you would like some pointers with the game"
    Thanks for buying my Pets!
    Thanks for buying me!

    January 5
    I try to keep my message upbeat and positive . .  and in the beginning, on simple platitudes. . . . . I also get the impression that not everyone wants to be told they can get pointers for the game from someone they don't actually know yet. . .
    That is different than offering something like the following: . . . hi friend... i invested in your pet profile cause i saw you were actively buying pets... keep your file active by buying even a small pet within 24 hours and the most 48 and you will increase your chances of having your value rise plus increase your pet playing cash... Also, every time you buy, you put yourself at the top of your owners page so everyone sees you first... Lastly, buy 5 small pets each day, and get a tagged bonus for each, which can exceed the cost of a small pet. Best wishes to you and thanks for playing. <your name> . . . where advice is offered but not demanded . ..

    January 5
    Still, I did have one lady respond to that with something like: .  . Oh, thanks . . .let me see if I can get it right this time . . . and Since she did not try even while visiting tagged, I could only assume it was sacasm . .. Can't win 'em all, but I'm trying to learn, and get my words softer as in less harsh! . . LOL - That has been something I have been trying very hard to  work on, but can be real difficult for an older engineer who was so entreched in harder language . . .LOL . . .
    That said, here is what I said to him (simply meant to open communication):
    Hi Marwan, thanks for playing the pet game. .. . Best wishes -Rich
    Followed by: . . .  "Welcome!"
    I say this not because I believe you were wrong - because I do not believe you were wrong. . . rather . . I am trying to find better ways. . It's not easy!

    January 5
    By the way, I see you have a pet "sandra" that has only one pet. .  . I try to stay away from bidding up pets with only one pet. . . I have found in the past, tht some people seem to get into the pet game by buying a friend when they had no other intention of playing . . .
    Turns out that although she looks like she is real, both she and her pet are both from the netherlands. . . .doesn't look to probising to me, even at such a low value. . . .Key is, one pet. .  . which is why I look for runs where the pet has 5 or 6, but at least 3.

    January 5
    Agree with it all. Thanks!
    I look for runs with 6 or more pets and never less than 4. Sandra has gone dormant and her acquisitions are leaking away.
    Ah, I thought I was helping. .. sorry for your problems, hope there is a solution for it.
    You helped confirm what I worked out for a trade rule. Thanks! Yah, don't worry... if she gets too stale, I'll mover her to the stale pet account. I've been building up Sam for that purpose.
    LOL... somebody thought Sam was undervalued and bot her.

    January 5
    Oops! I bot this mess on accident...
    !Ʀձ¢ƴ ♥ ™ƛƑƬЄƦƧӇƠƇƘ ƑƊƦ tyƒձɾիձղ NB

    January 5
    LOL - Good and bad, eh?

    January 5
    She's a NB. Not sure how I bot her... in the heat of battle, I must have clicked her instead of what I wanted to buy. Oh well... another for Sam.

    January 5
    OK... unofficial survey results... most Pets are crap. A good one is the proverbial needle in a stack of hay.

    January 5
    Thanks for buying me!!!!
    OK, on your "unofficial survey results" . . was that of your page at the time?
    As for the thanks . . .You are welcome. . . Welcome home. . .did you chat with Rick? . .
    Thats from 2 doz or so runs. While running them, I been looking carefully at their Pets... all junk.
    hard to fins a Pet at a couple of hundred million tril. who made a single good purchase
    Yep - LOL - the 90% figure I gave you on what I thought were fakes that would never buy again? . . I felt that figure was conservative. . . LOL - So the trick is to not look for a good pet, but rather, try to understand the interest in them, and how far they will likely go and why. . . (Lets see if you can wrap your head around that - LOL
    If they are real, they are either actual newbies, or seasoned pros (of sorts), and not all seasoned pros want them for something other than a dump. . .
    Yah thats rite. The ones I would not buy a drink for if I met them, rarely run to 200 K t. The ones that I'm ready to sell the house and move so I can go meet, they go to 3 B t. One who is gorgeous and stacked went to 1 B t with never buying a Pet at all.
    Yep - for some of those pets, there are just a bunch of people expecting that they will be bid up to the stars. . . Actually, there are some honest runs that are sponsored by pet clubs and reliable individuals.
    Joyce (above) is actually a hooker looking for men to videoconference for money... not a Pets player at all
    LOL - now that's funny. .  yep, there seem to be a lot of them out there these days. .  They have refined their message too!
    I swear, some of them actually play petss, too!
    somehow, they sell your email address too
    ROTFL - yeah, if they can get it from you. . . That or a ym, perhaps?
    I had one recently that told me that her current owner always buys her back. .  (not that I ever listen to that, but in this case the gal actually had good stats and played pets for active players!) . . .Anyway, she talked to me over several days, then gently told me that her owner likes her because she share some intimate pictures with him . . . later asked if I'd be interested.  . . Oh, so smooth!

    January 8

    January 8
    Too rich for my blood, but you may like him...

    January 10
    stats are not great, but I believe just needs to learn. . . looks eager. . . I believe he is real and has some compelling signs. . . so he needs training - otherwise at his level he is useless to me. .  lots of dead pets to boot. .  of 22 pages of pets, only 2.5 pages of possible live ones. . . currently dealing with mostly small ones, but has number of dead in the 1-100 Q range. .  Currently his buys are at least mostly recent pet buyers, but his buys look mostly hours or more old, or even more at the time of his purchase- that is why he is ending up with them. .
    A lot of work in training and I do not even know if he is receptive to listening. .  33 Q is a lot to spend on a questionable pet. . .
    agree. thanks. I learned
    I did put him on my monitor list though - at least for a while.
    You learned? . . great, so you were evaluating him after you sugggested I look? . . Actually, that is a good thing. . . as long as you always remember to evaluate before you buy somthing that expensive.

    January 10
    agree. I'ts easier for you than me... you are the engineer, i am the project engineer who want's to get 'r done.

    January 12
    We may have a good one here... My Joe persona bot him and he thanked me!

    January 12 It looks like Gator is dieing.

    January 12
    I wouldn't be surprised. . . if it is a real profile, he is a young guy - what is the draw for a young guy? . .  Beats me. . . unless they have lots of time on their hands. .  .but this one visited and did not buy on some days - suspect - better f you can strike up a conversation with someone like that. . .

    January 13

    January 13
    Chlyn T  has good pets to buy

    January 13
    Thanks Mike . . seems the best ones were taken by the time I got back from Maine - LOL - just my luck! . .

    January 13
    Welcome home!

    January 13
    OK... My current goal is to be valued in the Q's. I am nearly 1/10th of the way in 4 months. Now what?

    January 14
    Your current Q value is:  $64,976 Q - for you to see your value that way, either your value or your assets need to exceed 1,000,000,000 T . . . Then tagged changes the values on your pat page that are over 1,000,000 T . . . (and some under) to Q values. .  hope that helps.
    As for your value, folks will tend to look at your value in one of two ways from this point on - either they will look at your cv (seems like they look for cv to be over 2.0). . . .or they will look at your skills in pets.  . . my view is the smarter folks will look at your pet skills. . . . .
    Thanks but I'm not so much concerned about the math, just all of the work required in running pets up to 200 M T at a time... being measured in a Q will take 3 years - ugh!
    There is a significant downside of cv over 2.0 buys.
    that is, the folks that look at skills seem to tend  to not buy the folks that are just bid up to points beyond their skills - and that happens when  others see cv's over 2.0 and buy to flip them up. . .
    . . . and that does happen. . . the downside is there is a tendency of the flipped pets to sit on an owner's page for a long time. . .
    I have several in my "Hoover" accounts
    the difference being someone who is just out for profit, and those who seek to raise others based on skills. . .
    "Hoover" - LOL . . Love that term
    yah... I read it on someone's page... an account to sweep things up
    (yeah - I get that from the name - hilarious though) . . . So, I would say this ais a good time to find ways to eveluate a pet's skills - as well as a pet's willingnes to learn. . .
    that sounds rite
    But beware also of what some big players may say, in terms of what the "next" skills are. .  I have found folks that say things that in retro actually does not jibe with reality. .
    cool. thanks for the warning
    I've been studying higher level pets. . . What I see in (what I see as) the truely valued higer pets, are either folks that are officers of pet groups, or true nuturing pet players                                                                                                                                                         who hold a nuber of high valued real players. . . But when looking at the higher level pets, I discount those that make it there because they know somebody. . .
    I find myself trading in a tough spot here... 1 to 4 B T is where some runs stop. Those pets are of variable levels of commitment to the game. Methinks I need just a few in the 5 to 10 BT range. yes?
    For instance, I recently bought connie - my version of a "nurturer": . . . There is a big difference between her and Terry:
    Further, terry's owner "sexiest": is not just lesbian - but an angry lesbian who I won't bother buying because I feel she is heavily anti-men in a hateful sort of way. . . bottom line therte is, if there is little possibility to talk to someone of large value, don't buy the large value! . . one of my rules of thumb.
    So I gave you a view into something that you are in no position to reach for - these folks are over 200,000 Q
    Both have some great pets. Connie actively cleans her account up. Connie is much more active. I don't see the 'nurture' except in her face
    For one it shows you how your natural self attributes have an advantage which will help you continue to move ahead. .
    agree... I see some of my stock trading errors here... its a good lesson

    January 14
    Now, as for the 1-4 BT (or 1,000 Q to 4,000 Q) pets, yep - they are the "pretty gal" profiles that just finished their "initial runs" . . . over 90% do not buy again. . . of the remaiers, the things I look for are their buying daily over the past 5 to 7 days. . . and I have more confidence when they buy several pets a day, less when they buy one. . . They can be buying non-players, but only if I have confidence that they will take advise - unless I feel like I can risk my pet cash  on a possibility. .
    good stuff. thanks
    But if a pet like that is willing to join a pet club - and they vist and buy pets regularly, despite the numbers they buy - there is value/
    This is just the way I see things - hope you get what I'm trying to say, and that you find it works for you. . .
    yah. simply put, active
    its true too... i've seen highly valued pets actively and consistently buying dead pets

    January 14
    Some are mixed players - like one I bought today and recently sold: . . . .  Although admiddedly not a high valued player, he is middle range - where I would not never buy a pet that buys only non-players. . . unles under extremely tight guidelines.

    January 14
    Whew! Your people bought me a few times and my value became greater than my cash. I have been busting my butt to get back up... a little over break even now. All that to say "thank you" to my friend.  

    January 16
    LOL - from 44,000 Q to 71,000 Q in 8 days. . . . nice weeks work, I'd say - Yep! . . You are worth it. . .

    January 16
    Wow. Thats pretty good! I didn't realize. I'd sure like to buy a pet like that!

    January 16
    LOL - that was you!

    January 16
    Well, new week - How the pet game going?

    January 21
    I discovered a process to run Pets up much higher. We'll have to talk some time, the story is too long to type.
    How are you?

    January 22 She's 2 days old. She's worth as much as I am.

    January 22
    Nice discovery (pet running) - Yes, would be good to discuss. . .
    I popped up Messenger if you'd like to talk tonight

    January 22
    ROTFL.... ya bot me. I thot u weren't going to till I got more cash. Thanks!

    January 22
    No, I looked at the new realities - your range of values. . . things have changed. .  for a bit, you will be bought more often. . . -Rich

    January 23
    Cool. thanks

    January 23
    Taken a few days to see the changes, but they now seem to be in. . .

    January 23
    Oops. I spent some money without considering the implications on your calculations. Very sorry. I saw my Pet Joe in a run and decided to buy him myself. Also, my Mel is more active than any Pets I can find so I bot her too. I knew i could afford it, but didn't think about the free cash implications. Sorry

    January 23
    There... cash is greater than value again... easy peasy

    January 23
    Actually, the way I see it and the way other folks see it, likely differ. . . I think that cash should be at least 30% of value - that allows you to operate. . . somke rely on cv ratio, and have differing opinions on what that ratio should optimally be. . . I rely on +v ratio - so you were safe in my eyes. . .
    I'm trying to boil things down so others can understand. . . I think of the pets learning curve, in three phases: 1) they buy inactive pets, and learn how to trade, 2) they buy active pet players, and usually learn buying in runs, 3) they learn how to buy active players they can trade with others. . .
    I like it!
    I was babling last night, trying to help with skills I thought you needed. .  But as I said recently, you need to learn how to buy active pet traders, and trade them.. . . For that, you either have an active network of buyers (a long subject), or you learn what skills and other factors they need for others to want to buy them from you (a long subject also) - or both
    The easiest way to start building an active network that you can trade with, is to join a pet club.
    I agree... my "investment" pets either fizzle or sell off quickly and run up to unreasonable levels. need to get better about that.
    If in a pet club, (as outside a pet club, you need to learn how to find folks you can trust as you trade with them . . . I always advocate starting small, and small is relative to what you feel you can lose in trading with a given person (to allow your your learning curve on this subject)
    a ha! This sounds to be a good direction... THANKS
    As for fizzling pets, learn to spot things that point to their interest in playing the game, and know that part of that interest, is inevidabley being bought - Being bought is a rush for folks - everyone likes that. .  but if you just buy people to keep their interest up, it will cost you big time in the end. . . . they need to enjoy pets for other reasons too . . . or, . . . the buyer loses.
    So if we want to be successful traders, you want to aim at not losing when you buy a pet - LOL - the obvious choice, but aim your learning in that direction, even though you will have to take some chances. .  A measurement of learning there is you losing less - not that you don't lose something now and then
    agree... except I don't ever lose, I always profit... when they fizzle, I buy them into my hoover accounts, Mel and Joe.
    From there, they may rot peacefully
    Two sources to think about (for buying tradable pets) - one = less expensive buyers in pet runs. (watch for their trading daily, if in doubt, record their link and check back each day for a while)
    I do that
    That is why I suggested having a hoover
    other source - check other members of your pet group for pets - perhaps try a new member each day - find members via the group page - every member of a group is listed in the "Members" section
    When starting that, I would suggest having a price range in mind (for the pet you would buy from them). then click on a member, go to their pet page and see if they have a pet in your range. .  then reseach the pet before you buy, of course. .  Better if they are on-line when you buy. . . you can get your answer sooner that way. . . but basically, you are looking for them to buy from you too. That means you need to have tradable pets on your page, of course.
    they should at least thank you - but some are not familiar with being coutious - LOL
    Remeber your traders -
    remember - LOL
    good advice thx

    You will find it harder and harder to keep your numbers up if you only know runs. . . there are ways, but . . .
    So better to learn trading - just my thinking. -Rich
    i found that out by watching your recent success
    Tons of stuff you can know - me? I like only the honest paths though.
    thats all I am pursuing.
    What I described to you can be both very successful, and honest
    Yeah, I get that - that is why we are friends -
    agree... I wouldn't follow you if u were hurting people


    Solange said she was traveling a few days and now she's back... I bought her again.
    oh... My Mel is too expensive for me to buy now. Buy her if you like. Even tho she's a nobuy, beople trade her freely.
    Nevermind... She may be cash poor regularly. sorry to trouble you.

    One of my pets - Linda H - - . . . Has been "getting it" of recent. . . I'd like you to friend her, and chat about trading pets with her also. .

    I'm on it!

    WoHoo?!!! Thanks again!
    . . And you are welcome . . .

    Holy crap I made a lot of money when I sold Wendy!!! That feels good! It would have taken many hours of pet runs to do that!

    That is why I thought it best to have you trading some pets and not just flipping them - it gives you experience in reviewing them - looking at history and other factors to see what kind of pet they are. .  I think I remember seeing that she bought on days . . . about 40 wishers, several pictures and I thinbk at least two of her (hard to tell sometimes with some of these gals) . . on tagged since 12/11 (more than a year) . .
    Lots of love, over 1000 friends, . .  Some good possibilities.
    EAch? pet we buy contains rish for us - some more than others. ..
    The main rish, of course, is that they might stop playing. .  . so we look for signs that they will continue playing. .  the more expensive they are, the more important that is. . So that is why it is better to learn on inexpensive pets. .  we will always lose some. . but when you cut your teeth on the inexpensive ones, you are better at chosing the more expensive ones. .  So you get better at predicting - never perfect, but always better.
    Maintain discipline when you buy, keeping this in mind, and you will not only gain more from the pets you sell, but also lose less. . . Wendy passes muster at 22,000 Q. .  Since I would be more hesitant at 40,000 Q, I do a couple of things - for one, I trach history also by keeping stats on them off-line. . . one of my problem is I may be too anal on things like this, to everyone needs to strike a balence they are happy with. .
    Congrats! on a good take! . . .

    One thing I believe is important for higher level players, is their ability to train. . . Linda and rolando are possibilities for you there - I have gotten them started, and will try to help them get better - I do not mind doing that through you. .  interesting ly enough, Linda needs to learn getting in the runs some, and Roland needs to learn what pets are worth holding - all your choice right now on how and when you proceed, because both just started trading live players in the last few days. . .
    Watch rolands stats for buy opportunities. .  his cash is coming up fast, and he will be a tempting buy for outsiders quickly. .
    Watch Linda's pets. .  she needs to be continuously encouraged were warented. .  by buying her good pets, it will excite her more in the ways she needs to be excited. . . Of course, buying either when they are ready for it is always your option also. . . Keep in mind this though (I never told you this before):

    buy a pet too much, and their value goes into a range where others will not buy. .  buy them too little, and the pet get discouraged over pets. .  That said, pets need regular raises - the term regular here is relative. .  They need to get use to not being bought daily - brand new pets see their initial bid up - to one who will play pets after that, it is exciting, but it sets an expectation, sometimes that is unsustainable. .  I generally wait to see signs of their at least coming on line daily combined with an interest in pets. .  if they do not buy daily, I send a script to encourage their daily involvement. .  then I try to buy them daily if they buy daily. . At least until some value. . . then cut back to every other day at some point . . and so on.
    on these new pets - I apply principles I learned from Maslow's hieracy of needs. .
    While trying to mitigate the risks of them dieing as a pet.

    Wow. Thats a LOT of good info. Thanks!
    the CV ratio is about 3/1... What is a good C/A ratio? (I'm starting to do some math now)

    My take on ratios is that it depends on a pet's experience, but it is also a measure of experience. . . and cv and av ratios are relative to other things also. .
    OK. Thanks.
    yah. Vielka has great ratios, but she has not bought for a while
    That said - a beginner buys non-player pets and starts with about a .5 av unless they have lots from tagged bonuses or gold exchange. .  cv for these is near pointless - some spend all their cash on dead pets, but are just having fun trading. . at low values, doesn't really matter to me - but they need to learn. .  the higher the value like that, the worse their mistakes in buying the dead, is. .  but, if you say the wrong thing, you pull the rug out from under their developing motivation. . .
    When a beginner has av.5,cv.01,+v.01 . .  or lesss on av, their trading pets is not even providing nominal profit. . or not trading long enough or some other such thing. . .
    When a beginner has av.5cv.5+v.5 - and buys dead pet only - they are consevative in their buying. .
    +v makes more sense when they start buying active pets. As +V starts to approach av, it shows that any dead pets on their page is actually less signifficant than what cv can otherwise show. .
    for pets trading live pets and have live pets only, then cv = +V. . . but as a statistic, it means at a glance that the pet holds no non-players - that is significant. .  In that case, I might code it as av1.0cv.3+v1.0 . . . if all pets dead, it might be av1.0cv.3+vs .. Where +vs means it is the same as cv
    now my recorded stats mean something
    that said - for a good player, they should keep at least 1/3 of their valu in cash - it signals that the pet can afford to buy something back when you buy from it. . .
    When cv is 1.0 or more - they either are doing very well, or buying gold, or lucky at pet runs. . .if pet runs, they can los that in a heartbeat.
    at what value point should Roland start buying better pets?
    good point
    Roland is buying better pets. . he may still have friends he like, and thus he may still buy some dead pets, but they should be of insignificant value. .
    Oh. OK
    last i saw, roland switched to buying in runs, and was only buying live pets. . . I showed him how he should buy pets that bought within last 10 minutes, and only up to certian values - he knows and seems to be convinced now, that the different pet types go to different vales in a run. . but he has always likeed the gals, it seems. .. that may pose a problem for him if her gets over enthusiatic, in the runs - LOL . .
    I will continue to buy some of his insignificant pets that likely will not sell - but he knows not to buy more dead pets, in general. .  I will stop buying them is I even see one dead pet bought. .
    it is not difficult to get caught up and overbid

    Oh my! I got run up!

    I have 2 new Pets who are interested in being trained!!!! -  ♥! AZ09?? !♥ *ty my owner* -  Amy W

    So what is your tke on AZ09??
    take - LOL . . I mean what do you figure he needs? Also, how experienced do you think he is?

    Hmm... i really didn't think much about that. I'll do that now
    Oh yah. He's the one who does lots of runs
    He is like I would be without you... the excitement of the hunt, the kill, the pleasure of increased cash followed by being undervalued and purchased
    He is learning about which Pets make good runs. He is not applying that lesson to his own Pet... buyers want to see a stable of valuable Pets in his coral which represent wise investment and future income.
    What am I missing?

    Crap - I swear i sent my answer out once, so I guess I was wrong

    It does seem to me that he has decent experience in runs. . . I do not see where he has gotten stuck and he is making good cash there. . . His value is still low enough that it will be easy enough to make the cash he needs to continue forward for a while yet. .  Learning which pets can be held for sale will be important for him later. . but he can start learnomg now in preperation. .
    But that is my view. . . He has had a ton of profile views - I'm not sure how long he has been around, yet. . . and I haven't talked to him -

    GM mike - I'm falling asleep in my chair here - long day. .  

    New Week, new challenges. . . So how is it going with Rolando and Linda? . . Have you contacted them? . . Have they answere back? . . What about AZ09?? What have you told him so far? Seems like you have been discussing the quality of run pics, but I'm not sure you have started yet. . . . . . I haven't found Amy yet. . .

    By the way, have you gotten much contact from anyone in the IPS Group?
    LOL - Sorry for so many different messages, but have you talked to nutra yet?

    One more thing - LOL - I had requested friendship of AZ09? - Got this back . . . "hello...and sorry,but I do not accept men in my list!... thanks, for pets!”
    I replied "Thank you for the reply. . . I had requested friend because Mike had mentioned you to me. . Mike and I are simply avid pet players, and we try to do what we can to help others. . . To us, that is part of the pet game. . We respect your views, and are simply happy to see you involved in pets. .  More than that, we appreciate honest communications. . . . Thanks for that. . -Rich" . . . . What are your thoughts?

    So how is it going with Rolando and Linda? . . - I havn't heard from Rolando. Can't see where I contacted him either. Bad. - Linda: We have chatted back and forth. Should I train her or will you?
    AZ09?: I have given him my first 2 tips. He has replied intelligently. Now we'll see if he starts trying to cash in on the 2 forms of bonuses.
    I have not mentioned beauty pageant photos to him yet.
    Amy is here:
    I am re'orging my page in the IPS google 'sheet... you are welcome to view my data... Amy is there.
    contact from anyone in the IPS Group? - I got LOTS of women for friends... My friends list is chock full of hottie pics. I'm not in regular communication with any of them.
    nutra yet? I told her I'd buy her again when she gets her Cash up. Then I offered to help.
    She's Italian so I'm not expeccting much communication
    Fantastic response to AZ!!! Who would have thought that an engineer could be so well-spoken and caring.

    On AZ - Thanks for that - It is one of the things I have to concentrate on - thanks for the reinforcement! . . .
    On Nutra - are you replying in Italian? . .  BTW - Excellent tact. . . I am watching her stats, and I know that folks need their rewards - it should only be a matter of whether their "raise" takes a little longer, or is a little shorter. .  . That said, your response to her was excellent. . .
    On IPS, ,  Well, it is an unfortunate thing, but often the gal profiles have a man hiding behind them - But with continued communications, we do get signs of that - Guys and gals just communicate differently on the whole. . . . That said, female profiles often get raises from guys without their meeting the guidlines us guys have to face. .  Then they expect it that way all the time. .   . Myself, I stay clear of the ones whose av stays around .5. . .
    on AZ earlier reply - care to share your 1st two tips? . . and how do you see the two forms of bonuses.
    As for beuty pagents - LOL - Cool! . . I've been using average, pretty girl and swim suit - But I know I need to be a bit more politically correct. - - -

    I don't think Nutta speaks English or can find a translation page... all she does is blow me kisses. I'm happy!
    Solange is a bit testy with me because I won't buy her again... she's cash poor

    I sent you an email of the 7 ways to make Pets $$$.

    Nuta is actually Romanian, living in Italy. I sent her lesson #1
    She blew me a kiss
    AZ friended me!

    LOL - I guess I'm not wanted - LOL . . . (Or did he change his mind! . . LOL)
    I think your message helped him draw the rite answer. He'll probably set you up soon.
    OH! I was busy speaking in Romanian... THANKS FOR BUYING ME BACK
    Wow... I have some work to do... gotta get my Cash back up over my Value. That drives me.

    LOL! . . .
    Nope! . .  he still hasn't accepted my friend request. .  That's fine - as long as he progresses. . . .-Rich
    Hey... I'm sure you have a good math understanding... What about when a group runs Pets? The last one to be holding when the music stops gets stuck with an over-valued Pet. Is it possible for him to still make a profit? I can't calculate that.

    This one is risky... is she consistent enough?

    Might be, might not be. .  . I bought her and will take the chance. (buy her if you like - if she has been buying for 3 weeks, I don't think she is going away quickly. .  . . .  I sent her my lesson 1. . . She has been buying for 3 weeks and her value is what? . . .LOL I see she was on line several days she did not buy. .  So I sent her the following:
    hi friend... i invested in your pet profile cause i saw you were actively buying pets... when you keep your file active by buying even a small pet within 24 hours and the most 48 and you will increase your chances of having your value rise plus increase your pet playing cash... Also, every time you buy, you put yourself at the top of your owners page so everyone sees you first... Lastly, buy 5 small pets each day, and get a tagged bonus for each, which can exceed the cost of a small pet. Best wishes to you and thanks for playing. <your name>

    LOL. You held her for 13 minutes... I am that good!

    Yes, and you continue to grow, my friend! . . .

    Of course, then there might also be a connection to me buying P.J.C. a couple of minuites before P.J.C. bought Tamara. . . . . . .

    I started reviewing my lists for the day - I noticed that Linda is now safely buying in runs - Congradulations, if that was you training her. . .
    That said, I also noticed that NickTx? and RebelWolf? flipped her (4xRaise). .  ..That is a natural thing because she is getting into the runs - if not them, it would be others. .
    That said, we have the advantage in knowing that it is our camp that is advising her and we have a better feel for where she is at. . . Which brings me to the subject of flipping her more. . . Since you had a hand in training her, I want you in on it - Are you available?

    23 hours ago
    She sold all her Pets. (sniff)
    That's fine - better players will see her as a runner until she buys a holder anyway at this point.
    BTW, Alaine K Blocked me earlier, . . I wrote him off when He did, , , (Sniff - nobody loves me, boo-hoo!) . .
    ready to flip?
    i'm a bit surprised... still flipping Linda?
    yes, I told you I would wait for you . . to 20,000 Q
    You want to hold, or you want me to. .  Doesn't matter to me
    If you are fine with my cash being so low, then I can hold
    I'm fine, but I can take her - the 20KQ was approximate anyway! you call
    either way
    u can buy her tomorrow or whatever
    . .  why don't I give you the cash to work with then, my last buy, OK?
    thats cool
    I bought her to sell her anyway
    YAY! The run helped my cash a LOT
    Thanks for that
    I felt extended after buying AZ
    Done, As long as she buys regularly, I want to see her raised appropriately. .  Too much raised expectations which won't be met and can discorage folks addicted to raises. .  Sports is an example of that - Lennox flipped him up foolishly, but if his partner Angelove is not him, then he screwwed her. . .
    I sent Linda a message thanking her... hopefully encouraging her to play some more
    LOL. It was you who bot her last Pet! I'll bet that was so you could save her for later.
    On sports:  I had been raising him in between Lennox buys - he was a runner and he added pet cash, probably via gold. . .always kept ahead in stats. . then they flipped him from 44kq to 220kq - a huge jump. . As it was, I did not see Sports as having the skills to be desirable above 80kq, except to those who ogle at great av/cv stats. LOL So I took him off my list.
    Yah... Sports has crap for Pets

    21 hours ago
    He does now, before the flip he had none - runs only - worse, when he got caught with a big one, he would try and be cute, while asking me and/or Lennox and probably others to buy the big pet because he was low on cash - meanwhile, he actually had plenty of cash - further - when I said the pet was not the kind I buy, he basically said I should buy it because I had all that cash.  With me, he was on borrowed time after that, but I never said anything to him. . Silence is often the best answer - LOL
    now he has stopped buying for 4 days - since he seemed to be trying to nag me into something - almost to a pojnt of blackmail, I figure he might be doing what he can to blackmail his current owner - Believe it or not - I have seen that a few times in the past.
    I can see how that would work. It takes a special kind of person to do/conceive of such a thing.
    As for linda: yes I bought Antony from her - I am raising him, and trying to get him ready for training. . . He is not ready yet though, but I am still trying to see him raised daily until I can find out whether he 1) accept my friendship (already did) 2) talk to me. . 3) show interest in learning more .  then we start his training also . . . So he had to be bought today - besides, linda or anyone else can always buy him back - I only care to make sure he gets bought at least once a day at those levels. ..
    AS for Sports - yes, there are all kinds here, and you have to be ready for it - that is part of the challenge of pets. - LOL
    Ahhhh. I see. Thats smart

    21 hours ago
    As for Antony - as you can see, what I am developing is a pipeline.  . it is part of the "farm" technique that I was itching to put together. .  I tagged this technique as "farm" a couple of years back. . I had a trainee back then that I used as a second. . . Although  I explained it thorouly to her, she stepped out of bounds and flipped a less experienced pet without consulting me. . .For my part, I just let the concept go until I could figure how I was going to handle certain things. .  Now, a couple of years later, this is "farm 2" - LOL
    I've been putting the pieces together and testing them individually since I got back into pets last August. . . LO
    I was seeing the 2nd generation thing... we can treat it as a pyramid hierarchy.
    Thats really a genious concept
    It is a pyramid of sorts, but I use the term farm because we litteraly are growing what we are raising.
    I like it
    Very difficult to explain to anyone, but you are seeing it inaction - you are a key and trusted part. .  I thought for some time now, that you were open to learning, and working together in making it work. . This should be able to work without interferring with any pet family - in fact, I have seen similar happenings (Which were the source of my inspirations) when I was in "Squid For Ducks" some years back - The managers of that were realy knowledgable. .
    I've seen them around
    The real genious of this is, that it will actually connect through psychology, into the motivations of individuals . . using Maslow's view of needs modified for a pet world - LO:L
    Mistakes will be made, but we should learn from mistakes, not fear them.
    As I mentioned earlier soon after we met - with me, you will be learning for a long time. . .
    thats a beautiful thing!
    (Para-Phrased) - LOL . .
    . . . And fun too!
    Well, at least so far - it is working very well!

    20 hours ago
    My latest attempt at step 2 - 3 . . . (After friendship) : "Thanks for accepting my friendship. . How do you like pets so far? . . do you have any questions? . . I can certainly try to share my experiences. .."
    I love that! I'mm saving it for later use

    20 hours ago
    Need to keep working on these things - make them better all the time. .

    20 hours ago
    Hey, I can't afford this one but you may like her...

    19 hours ago
    My findings - 1/29av1.14cv.16+v.23 = poor stats . . . trades lots of the dead, mostly micro pets. . . Looks to like it may be a dump pet . . . male profile with ~20 female pics, 15 friends, started tagged in 2008 . . Good one to stay aways from . . .and learn the bad signs from . . . That said - one can sometimes never tell - <grin>

    18 hours ago
    cool. thanks for the analysis... I'll go back and look at. FYI: Linda sold
    She's over 1/10 of my assets so I'm not comfortable buying her again

    16 hours ago
    Yes, I saw tht linda sold. .  Not sur how often I will take her back, but from time to time, I will. . . She is a novice. .  But a female novice. . . Females run different then guys. At the very least, I need to watch and learn. .  . Meanwhile, we need to stay in contact with her. . Let her know that we still support her. .  Buying is not the only way to support a team member. . . more often with a female than a male, they take great comfort in verbal support. . . even though we guys need some of that too. . .
    Regarding Cool girl. . I think the facts say a lot. . She looks good on the surface, but in the stats and other close look items, well - it tells all. .  But then there is the opposite with another . .
    I told her i can't buy her any more. she still seems ok with staying friends. I think she wants me to teach her, and her Pets.
    I told Linda to buy some investment pets
    Remind her that i am watching and will e there for her from time to time. . . She needs to hear that someone cares.
    since you will be her owner, do you want to be her teacher?
    on "The other" . . PJC caught my eye yesterday . . .
    several interesting things... 1 minute...
    oh! PJC owns my romainan friend now. cool
    PJC had a picture of a rose - not a real person. .  to an extent - it had some alarms as a pet. .  But i also saw great stats. and not a huge price. .  1/28av4.0,cv1.25+v2.19 . . .So I bought her. . . I figured at worst, she would sell quickly - At best it it could turn out really well, and somewhere in between, I figured she may simply end up being raised for a bit. .  . her value was cheap in comparison . . simiar to cool girl, but better, I recall - L22x2.7 1/28 for PJC as opposed to L22x4.4 1/29 for cool boy. .
    (yes, part of my story shows where and how she tried to show how greatful she was)
    hmmm. I want those pics!
    At the time, PJC had "need a new owner" in her profiel name - I check folks out like that but I look much closer than I normally do. .. So I figured I would buy her after checking her out, and see if she would communicate - (After being shunned by the earlier two - LOL . . . . Anyway, she responded - and she told me that Paula was also her . .. . (that is why paula bought Linda) . . . anyway - we have been discussing things - she is a player that has been around for a while - perhaps not an ace, but certainly not too bad. ..  This story will continue. ..  at another time - LOL

    14 hours ago
    On Linda - I would rather have you train - is that OK with you?
    sure. I'll profit from her pets

    14 hours ago
    OK, new day, new problems to solve. .  I've been trying to organize approaches to training. . .Currently focusing on steps to chosing a beginner for trainee. . . I took the steps noted below with tom, up to trying to determine whether he is receptive to training . . . I'm stymied by his answer to my question. .
    What are your thoughts?
    On 1st blush, it seems like he is avoiding answering my question - I have seen this before, and I usually stop attempting. . . But there are possibilities that he (and others) either did not care to respond to the question, thus deliberately avoided, or did not understand the question, or did not see the question. . .Your thoughts?
    language can be a barrior
    i'm looking for the post where you gave me his response
    post on tom includes conversation - lines starting with just dates not followed by "ans" are my posts, lines starting with ans or date/ans are his responses
    It ialso includes the current steps I believe should be followed
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