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What is a project?

 Applying Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Tools, and Funds in a fashion that creates the desired results within the limit of constraints.
 Multiple projects may be needed to accomplish a set of goals and objectives for an organization. In those situations, projects may be grouped together into a program

 Program and project management focus on doing programs and projects the “right” way; and Portfolio management focuses on doing the “right” programs and projects. 


=Goal Definition

=Entry Criteria (Visualize) - Start Date:


=Resources/Stakeholders (Commit):

=Cost of Status Quo (Prioritize):

=Root Causes (Characterize):

=Brainstorms (Improve):

=Plan Of Action, Milestones, Reality Checkpoints

=Exit Criteria (Improve)- RDD: ???

=Measured benefit Actuals (Achieve):

Begin With theR6s
End In Mind 
Describe the goalPrioritize
Document the POA & MCharacterize
Execute the planImprove
Track ProgressAcheive
Perform regular reality checksRepeat
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