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  • If I had $100 what would I do differently?
  • If I had the time to do it, what needs to be fixed first?
  • Fill in the blank: This ____ doesn't work rite.
  • Fill in the blank: This ____ costs too much.
  • Fill in the blank: This ____ could be done better.
  • Which process is less than "world class"?
  • How would I behave if I were "workd class"?
  • How can we make this workplace "world class"?
  • How would I treat my coworkers/job/tasks if they were "world class"?

Q. So, why should I promote you to a supervisory position?

It is the right thing to do, for all of us.

For me: I have been on this productivity journey all of my work-life. First I learned electronics repair. That was and remains my preferred field, however, it is a broad category. I serviced consumer electronics for a few years. The transition to military electronics was exciting because of the new technologies, applications and a heightened level of responsibility. While enlisted in the Army, I performed repair and added preventative maintenance tasks to my field. Preventative maintenance demands a higher level of quality than repairs do; quality thus becomes part of my journey. While serving the DOD at NAC, quality was raised to another level and the product in my output stream had to be and was shiny, crisp, and new.

The next portion of my journey was understanding and implementing "process". I learned to identify the "best practice" and then repeat it whenever it applied. I enjoyed, and still enjoy, adding value to these processes.

In my current position, as you know, I create processes that direct the work of tech's and EW's so they can follow the "best practices" of my experience.

I see this as important work and derive much satisfaction from it. The reason for my satisfaction is that I 'make a difference' for those people. People have become the next step in my journey.

For the department: Receive more of my skills. Benefit from my years of quality, process, and best practices.

For the staff: To them, I am RTSC. I understand their work and needs. My goal is to make them proud of the company.

Well, that turned out to be an incomplete random thought. Oh Well. At least is is spelled correctly!

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