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Click on a link for a book. Scroll down just a bit, the links to read or download the books are below the picture of the book's cover...

The buttons on the left are meaningless... I really must complain to the webmaster :-)

BaenCds? You can browse all the CDs?, download zips, or individual books...

Project Gutenberg Bookshelf Baen Free Library
I recomend

  • Pandora's Legions - silly fun, Aliens have conquered earth and learned that humans are smarter than them...
  • Wolf Time - its like Modern Christian and Old Norse mythology... EVIL COOL!

its got suiside clinics, an evil female cathloic preist, Odin / loci walking around makeing trouble.. a pretty good picture of the church and the few that fight to save it...

  • Freehold - a cute blond chick is forced to move to a libritarian planet... this one is really short on moral fiber and probly shouldnt be read by us christians... I think it has more than enfough good stuff to outweigh the bad...
  • The Baen cds are avalible for download, http or bittorrent.
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