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 1981 and older pennies are 95% copper
 1964 and older Half dollars, quarters and dimes 90%
 1965 69 Half dollars = 40% silver ( .1479 oz)
 1964 Kennedy  Half Dollar (General circulation issue) (the last 90% silver half-dollar for circulation,
        contains 0.36169 oz. net silver per coin, or 7.234 oz. silver per roll)
 1992  present Kennedy Half Dollars (silver proof sets available)
 1942 - 45 Nickels may have silver
 1958 Wheat pennies

If the Half Dollar is dated 1964 or earlier, it is 90% silver. Halves dated from 1965 to 1970 are 40% silver. You might also find silver Proof Half Dollars, which are 90% silver and dated to current. Silver Proof Halves have very shiny, mirror-like surfaces and there is no copper color when you view the edge.

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