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Cincinnati Winerys

 Vinoklet ~ Woodstone

For those who enjoy red wines, check out Rivola and better yet, Seleccion Especial from Abadia Retuerta.. Believe it or not, its owned by NOVARTIS and Seleccion Especial was given the prize of best red wine in the world 2007. Price is great and the wine is better.

  • Wood/Butter - Chardonnay
    • Ferrari-Carano, 2004, Alexander Valley
  • Acidity - Sauvignon Blanc
    • Domaine du Carrou, 2005, Sancerre
  • Aromatics - Riesling
    • Weingut Muller-Catoir, 2005, Rriesling Kabinett
  • Tannins - Bordeaux
    • Chatteau Mille Roses, 2004, Haut-Medoc
  • Fruiit - Shiraz
    • Layer Cake, 2005, Barossa Valley
  • Earth - Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Bocca di Lupo, 2003, Castel del Monte, Aglianico, Tormaresca

Start with the broadest and most important wine-flavor categories: oak, acidity, and floral aromatics in whites; fruit, tannins, and earth flavors in reds. The six wines above are great examples, but if they're not available ask your local wine merchant for something similar.

Back home, and with nothing but a green apple to cleanse your pallet between sips, begin with the whites. Pour some chardonnay, and practice your technique. You can't miss that buttery-oak flavor. Then sample the sauvignon blanc. Notice how much more acidic it is. As for the boquet aroma of the riesling, just swirl and sniff and you will be standing at the corner flower shop. Repeat with all three whites, and the differences will stand out even more.

Tackle the reds next.

That young Bordeaux puckers up your whole mouth with its dry, chalky tannins; the shiraz has tannins too, but they take a backseat to a big, sweet bomb of berry like flavor; and the Italian cabernet grips your whole mouth with the bitter earthiness of a rocky hillside in Calabria.

Once you can identify these tastes, you'll know which you like best. Congrats: it's time to get yourself pleasantly hammered with the best of them.

Recommended Merlot's

 Francis Coppola "Diamond Collection, Blue Label" 2004, $14
 Benziger Family Winery 2002, $16
 Chateau Ste. Michelle 2002, $17
 Frei Brothers "Reserve" 2004 $17
 Franciscan Oakville Estate 2003 $18
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