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Ind. High Court Supports Warrantless Searches of Homes Monday, 16 May 2011

Police have a right to enter a personís home without a warrant, for any reason at all, Indianaís highest court has ruled, seemingly throwing out Fourth Amendment rights. The court overturned common law going back to the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 by a 3-2 majority, the Northwest Indiana Times reports. Full Article

Police can enter your home without a warrant in Indiana, do you think that will catch on? Blog

Can we trust everyone who says they are a Police Officer? Let's explore a little:

Husband, Wife Bound By Police Impersonators Article

The crime spree that ended Tuesday in midtown Tulsa after a man gunned down a foreign-exchange student and led police in a rolling gun battle actually started in the small town of Prue, according to information released Wednesday. --- Police have identified the gunman as Billy Joe Hammons, 31. He was pronounced dead Tuesday at the midtown scene after a shootout with police that ended with the pickup he was in crashing into a utility pole, police said. Police said Hammons is also a suspect in several armed robberies in and around Tulsa, including robberies where the suspects identified themselves as Tulsa police officers. --- He was serving prison time for knowingly concealing stolen property, false impersonation, escaping from confinement and possession of contraband by an inmate. Full Article

--- He was nabbed when Indianapolis police Officer Brad Craig pulled up behind him, intending to help with the traffic stop. After Craig pulled over, Merket sped away, but officers caught up to him a short time later. Police said Merket told them he worked for a security company and had purchased an old Ford Crown Victoria for his job. Merket was equipped with lights, a siren and radio equipment. He was also carrying a gun, badge and police apparel. Merket was previously convicted in a 2006 case in which he pulled over an off-duty police officer. In that case, Merket identified himself as an Indiana State Police trooper. Full Article

--- "(The female) got out, told him he was under arrest for public intoxication, put handcuffs on him (and) put him in the backseat of the car," McClure? said. Police said the male abductor was described as being in his mid-20s and 6 feet 2 inches tall. He had short dark hair, dark eyes and a muscular build. The student told police the three of them drove for about 15 minutes before he was dropped off at his dormitory. The two in the uniforms stole his wallet and his passport, the student told police. About $1,300 was subsequently charged on a credit card that he said was among the items stolen, police said. Full Article

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